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Lotus seed pine nuts corn + egg flower corn soup

Posted Jan 30 2012 9:38am


(1) the lotus seed pine nuts the practice of corn:

Ingredients needed for:

Lotus seed, sweet corn kernels 40 1/2 cans, pine nut (I use of raw, his strip) 70 grams (more to put some better eat), cucumber 50 grams, medlar 30 grain, chopped green onion 10 grams, cooking oil, sugar 40 grams of 20 g, salt to taste, 13 sweet taste, water starch smaller part bowl

Making method:

1, will use cool water lotus seed bubble 1 hour above bubble soft, and then put into the water boil (a few minutes boiled fish had backup use cold water;

2, sweet corn fall out in the water flushing water control;

3, will pine nut shell endothelial, can use directly strip off good pine nuts, but I feel or by birth better;

5, medlar use cool water bubble bubble out a soft;

6, cucumber to cut ChengXiaoDing (preferably green peas instead of color, shape better), green onion cut into chopped green onion;

7, pot heat put a little bit of a cooking oil moisten into pine nuts, with small fire will pine nuts to fry slightly change color, dishing out spare;

8, then put in the rest of the cooking oil heat into chopped green onion, corn, lotus seed, cucumber, medlar fire fire uniform;

9, put in cooked pine nuts and salt, 13 incense, and the sugar fry uniform;

10, and then put into the water starch stir-fry.

(2) egg flower corn soup approach:

Ingredients needed for:

Sweet corn 1/2 cans, eggs 2, sugar 30 grams (can adjust according to their own taste the amount of sugar, 1 scoop of starch into water against the starch


1, sweet corn fall out in the water flushing water control;

2, will the corn into the blender (food machine), add 1 big bowl of water stirred into corn syrup (stir dozen small particles with the best);

3, will beat good corn syrup small pot to boil into KaiGuo;

4, put in sugar, to simmer for 2 minutes;

5, eggs into one scoop of water will (eat with that kind of spoons, about 10 ML or so) stir dozen egg, pour into corn soup, but spoons and stir;

6, boil boil; reduce water and stir into starch into slightly have viscosity egg flower soup can.

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