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Look at Manchester City's poor goal

Posted Feb 04 2013 7:31am
 Look at Manchester City's poor goal, 25 games scored 47 goals, throughout the Union can only be in 4th place, cool Manchester United should have had from the attacking firepower gap of 13 balls, you know when last season until the 25th round, Manchester City had scored 64 goals, damage must of supra skytop iii uk  England. While sudden reduction in the number of goals is not entirely attributable to the reduced number of strikers, but has been unable to bring new blood into the team, the old player characteristics were the other teams to gradually grasp, but no doubt Manchester City attacking firepower is imprisonment of important factors.
In Beijing, the team started to become popular, 20,000 fans per game, but this is a city with a population of 20 million. Shanghai has force of Anelka and Drogba, I went 2 the competition, the audience's only 6,000 people. "Camacho also said that in China, the English Premier League, Serie a and Bundesliga than La Liga popular, while La Liga games in advance, but Chinese fans also just look at Real Madrid and Barcelona games, the teams ' match in China is important supra owen sale in the eyes of fans.
Referring to Spain football, Camacho said Spain football and sport is Spain as the world's most well known thing, this is because Spain very high level players and athletes, because Spain competition, a growing number of foreign players and coaches go for development, this is normal.
Mario Balotelli is not just done at the debut's debut ball, but the plum blossoms BL in the opener, legend of AC Milan the previous complete move, going back to June of 1998, representatives of AC Milan for the first time in the army at that time Bierhoff was also to break into 2 balls, the dusty records of 15-year-old, had finally been Ba Shen. 5-year price of 20 million euros to sign him in stages, AC Milan giant Gagliani has enough reason to revel on the stand, because layiaola himself admitted before Mario Balotelli for six months was worth 40 million euros when he was European Cup, Manchester City rejected a bid for Paris Saint-Germain's Mario Balotelli 40 million.
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