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Little willy cut 19 points out injured thunder fifty - 51 the Denver nuggets

Posted Jan 24 2013 2:45am
Thunder six even guest's second station came to Denver plateau, challenge with northwest division the nuggets, this is the second time in five days, the last twenty points against thunder win. Thunder continue to win seven straight can be achieved. Cheap Kobe 8 Method rhett tip-in, the library eph, dunk, Lawson, the Denver nuggets layup after continuous attack inside with eight - 2 lead. Little willy lead thunder scored four points, the Denver nuggets in this library, on the ephod. Magee up is a 2 + 1, soon after he made the barca's foul two penalty one, the Denver nuggets 16-12 enter this after 5 minutes. Little willy continue to break through, the barca in the paint and continuous inroads in Martin hit 3-pointers chase after thunder into 21 flat. Neville again less two free throws the ball, single section had 12 points substituted. Brewer dunk, Martin buzzer shooting was sentenced to step on the line as two points, the first day of the 25 points. Durant three shots in no score, send out two assists. Martin and durant were two free throws the ball, then less power and regression, shuangjian combination. Durant 2 + 1, wei little layup, but the nuggets with old miller and true blue or not disadvantage. Wei little two free throws, brewer layups, the Denver nuggets 42 - into the pause. Brewer continue to show, a big hook a layup, single day get eight points. The thunder's little and durant continuous use penalty goal, under the cover of the Denver nuggets in three minutes of scoring drought they scored four points to 49 - and win. Wei little ground instability, suspected sprained ankle, limped off the nuggets, 51 - fifty into halftime. Cheap Kobe 7 Durant 11 points, wei less 19 points, the barca nine points.Alex Kennedy exposure material says, Memphis management decided to give up the plan to trade guy, tend to zach Randolph to the rockets, and the rockets were very happy to introduce lando husband. If the parties can agree on chip opinion, that the 2010 all-star power forward will become "haring combination" right arm. The rockets are bad and lost. 1 month and day the rockets visit Minnesota, to a 79-92 loss to Minnesota, encounter and losing streak. Single field only 79 points, it also tied the rockets this season the lowest points. Leaving the rockets "haring combination" state none, haddon although get a team-high and points, but he and throw only 5 percentage, less than 3 into. The rocket attack hindered broke one of the main reason is that each other's defense is very effective, because the timberwolves coach rick adelman had long-term coach rocket, he told the rockets style it is understand. Haddon and LinShuHao breakthroughs have encountered strong resistance, but under haddon repeatedly ran to the three point line outside shooting, result his three-pointer 7 shots in the zero. In haddon be checked after, LinShuHao nor play pass special skill.LinShuHao leaving only two assists, and he the had 12 points and rebounds, "haring combination" to get a total of 30 points. Kobe 8 Christmas The game the rockets team for 78 only 25, at the same time the rockets in the defensive end can't give opponents on the same pressure, timberwolves 64 shots than 30, much higher than the percentage. Performance outstanding kirilenko tapping the 21 points and 11 rebounds, the forest Wolf team altogether has 6 players in double. Finally the timberwolves to a 92-79 victory over the rockets, over five straight.Face up to the disabled the timberwolves, the rockets failed to find the feeling of fast, road 79, 92 loss to Minnesota, was seven straight on the road, including five straight. In the face of haddon, timberwolves ready to two line, don't give him easy scoring opportunities; If haddon counterattack fast-break points, the forest Wolf also can rapid counterattack, ZhuiShenQiu play. As a result, haddon for 39 minutes, and throw 5 frequently in the iron is hot, get and points, seven rebounds and five assists and steals. LinShuHao also not as, full of 12 shots only 3, free throws and for 6, had 12 points and four rebounds, 2 assists and error three times, four times a foul. The rocket starts a total of 47 made 12, the percentage is less than 26%. The substitute delfino 15 points, Smith 12 points and eight rebounds. Timberwolves five straight termination. Kirilenko 21 points and 11 rebounds. Two new signing players punches, Chris Johnson 15 points, Michael Gerard bell 11 points. Cheap Lebron 10 Other game, a 87, 94 yacht (Paul back, scored 22 points, 11 assists and griffin 17 points, 11 rebounds); The bucks' 110:104 Portland (Portland was the longest losing streak of the season five); The SAN Antonio spurs 98-93 eagle (rest Tim Duncan, Tony parker scored 23 points and 12 assists); The king 97:93 charlotte (charlotte home was 14 straight, ping the team history record); Grizzlies 85:82 bulls (overtime); Warriors hornets 116-112; Knight 98:109 jazz.
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