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Liaoning Hongyun football team has

Posted Nov 21 2012 8:58am
I and the Chinese players did  reebok easytone sale was completely subject to the coach, wherever he is Baka, Yang Dao, also are Zhang Dao. ”

As Mrs Miriam LAU said, dressing room short "event" had not affected the team's footsteps, in contrast, are in the bottom of the wall, let the whole team burst into a spectacular battle effectiveness. "

Liaoning Hongyun football team has started 1 month-long holiday, the past few days, coach Marin's cellphone is in a shutdown state, 8th, finally turn on. "I is reported to leave Liao enough, I don't want to say anything about this, I just want attention, enjoy unique holidays......" with a hoarse voice, Marin hesitant. Interviews with reporters, Marin was very reluctant, "chat, interviews, tired of a season, want to throw the phone now, spend time with family. "However Marlin with respect," in football circles, and Liao, foot on the position of coach, wanted to stay quiet so easily. ”

The evening of November 8, Tang Yao came to Zhengzhou East from Shenyang aircraft, even though the construction industry this tone is very tight, but also be an airline flight information had confirmed the news. And when has the media to double-check with club head when reebok zig energy uk this was the other side said it was old Tang's trip is to attend the November 10 members held in Luoyang, He Bin wedding. However was soon proved to be an alibi, because He Bin on Saturday a Grand wedding does not see Tang Yao East of shadow.
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