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Li Jianhua 3 Guangzhou evergrande

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:16am
In Asia-wide, transfer fee last summer deficits (excess) of Saudi Arabia, net expenditure exceeded 12.49 million euros. Instead, the AFC Champions and super competitive in Japan and Korea Pro League are surplus. Japan j-League earn about 5.88 nike blazers high  million euros revenue is due primarily to the European output Japan young players. It can be seen, Japan League already has a strong capacity of hematopoietic, which makes local clubs no longer have to rely on expensive foreign aid. And 20 years ago, Japan Professional Football League initially, employ a wide range of expensive foreign aid.

Compared with Hurk, aierkesen does not seem to be so strong physically, but style of play is very similar, on the premise of full use of the body play a small technology, self-assessment of aierkesen is still in place. FM game, Hurk 160 CA (current value) and aierkesen-8 forecast is not much difference.

Is, after all, come to a new team, aierkesen also needed time to familiarize themselves with and adapt. Training, Brazil exchange of domestic players and does not have too many nike blazers low people, but more to do with laugh and Conca, Puerto Barrios, and other foreign aid. There are rumours that, striker Cleo leaving evergrande, returned to their homeland Brazil to join a club, aierkesen is it possible to get Cleo to leave Jersey, 9th. Aierkesen, if you can put on the 9th, it means that he will be head of goalscorer.

JIANG, Ning, Wu Pingfeng, Li Jianhua 3 Guangzhou evergrande football team move, new owners are Club team Guangzhou of the same city. 3 players to the same club, two Guangzhou team, this is a win-win situation--constant team streamlined the team, Fuli team has enhanced strength, and this decline 3 players to a constant team of rival camps.
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