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Laparoscopy Results

Posted Apr 02 2010 10:17am
We'll I'm well rested and ready to talk about how the laparoscopy went. For those that read this and have never had a laparoscopy before, I will give you a play by play in case you're ever in my shoes and want to know what to expect.

The Procedure
My mom picked me up at 8:00 and we went over to St. V's Women's Hospital in Indy. I had never been to this hospital before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Since I had already pre-registered on the phone I didn't have a very long check in. Since my surgery was at 10:30 and we needed to be there at 8:30 I felt like I was going to have to wait around forever and twiddle my thumbs but that was not the case.

After checking in I was met by my nurse greeter who walked me back to my room while giving my mom a pager, folder of info, and coupon for free Starbucks while she waited. I went back and did the "pee in a cup" so they could check to see if I was pregnant (haha) and then I got into the fashionable backless gown and had to use wet wipes to clean my belly area. The nicest nurse came in and gave me booties and a warm blanket out of the dryer and set me up with a fluffy pillow and tv remote while I waited. My mom got to come back while I was waiting and we watched Spongebob. The nurses went over additional paperwork, drew some blood, and hooked up my IV.

I had a parade of people come in while I waited. Two med school students my brother's age (22-ish) came in and introduced themselves as Dr. which was interesting. They told me that they were going to observe my procedure. My anesthesiologist came in and went over everything with me. Dr. J came in right on time at 10:31 and made sure I was ok before they wheeled me back to surgery.

Next, I remember being wheeled back into the operating room. They helped me scoot to the operating table off of my bed. I laid back and the anesthesiologist asked me if I could feel the medicine working and I told him I felt like I had too many margaritas. They put a mask on my nose and told me to breath deep and then I was out like a light. Next thing I remember was I was in the recovery room waking up from the best nap I've had in awhile.

My nurse grabbed me some ice chips to chew on since my throat was burning from the tube they put down my throat while I was out. I also felt the burning urge to pee and the nurse told me that it was from the catheter they put in also while I was out to drain my bladder. They wheeled a lady next to my bed who also came out of surgery and the doctor came back and told her that they had removed one of her ovaries and one of her tubes because of scarring tissue from her c-section. I wish I could have talked to her but there was a curtain in the way. :( The nurse asked how my pain was and I told her a 5 out of a scale of 1-10 so they put more meds in my IV. Once my pain was down to a 2 they wheeled me back to my original room to meet my mom.

Once back to my room they let me rest a little bit before leaving. I had to remove my robe and dress while lying down, which was fun. Once I took off my robe I saw a large bandaid on my belly button with a little bit of blood leaking out of the corners along with two smaller bandaids near the top of my public hair line with surgical tape underneath and some blood leaking out of the corners. I also saw a maxi pad between my legs with blood on it and blood on the warm blanket they put across my stomach. After dressing, the nurse discharged me and wheeled me out to the car to go home. My mom got me some lunch at Panera Bread in which I threw part of it up because I didn't heed the nurses warnings about eating spicy foods (onions) after anesthesia. Since coming home I've been a bit sore, taking vicoden every 5-8 hours, and sleeping a lot.

The Results
The nurse and my mom told me that Dr. J had said that they found and removed some endometriosis that was behind my uterus along with a blockage. My mom was so nervous she didn't write down anything Dr. J told her about my results which made me frustrated. She told me he removed "something that started with an M and it was a blockage and that was probably preventing pregnancy." She told me Dr. J said I'd know what he's talking about. Of course I have NO IDEA what the M thing was so I have been researching on google to find out. I think it was a myoma which is a type of fibroid which can prevent implantation and cause miscarriage and infertility. That makes a lot of sense if that is what it was that was removed. I just wish my mom had WROTE DOWN everything he said!

(By the way - we had never seen endometriosis or fibroids on any of my pelvic ultrasounds in the last 2 years with 3 different REs working with me. I had been told by 2 different REs that if I DID have endometriosis then it probably wasn't severe enough to prevent pregnancy or to stop IVF from working for us. I have painful cramping during periods but I never knew if it was normal pain or above average because I had nothing to compare it to. There hasn't been history of endometriosis in my family but my mom had very painful periods and also secondary infertility which makes sense that she probably does have some of it too.)

Anyways my mom was super excited and told me that Dr. J told her that he was very happy with the results and he thinks he found what was preventing pregnancy although he can't be 100% sure. I told my mom that we are still adopting nonetheless and that if we were able to get pregnant that would be awesome but wouldn't change our plans. DH and I plan on acting like "normal" married people for the next year or so and if we get pregnant then AWESOME but we aren't holding our breaths by any means. We have a baby on it's way from Africa and we're making plans for her first before trying any new infertility procedures or protocols. The goal was to RESTORE my fertility through laparoscopy if possible, and I think we did that as well as we could.

I have my follow up appointment with Dr. J in two weeks to go over my results. He did call me this morning to make sure everything was okay and DH talked to him while I was sleeping. The nurse from the hospital also called me to make sure I was doing okay. I just love having such caring people look after me!!! <3

Dr. J gave me a DVD of the laparoscopy procedure from a camera they had inserted in my belly button but DH and I haven't been able to get it to work on our blueray, DVD players, or on my laptop. :( I really want to watch it but I can't seem to make it play. It's a DVD+R so if you have any ideas on how to play it please give me some tips. I want to see my innerds on the tv. ;)

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