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Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles lakers dark interior defense bad blasting coarse say don't want to see the clippers binary

Posted Feb 17 2013 7:41am
Los Angeles clippers win Derby again to end. 101-125, the lakers lose throw away everything when fleeing. This is the final game before the all-star, this season is Los Angeles third Derby, the two wars the lakers have lost the battle. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens Although the lakers this desperate, but is still hard to prevent fire dye-in-the-wood the clippers. The clippers three scores at twenty +, griffin had 22 points and 10 rebounds, Paul harvest 24 points and assists, Chauncey billups 3-pointers made five of seven scored 21 points. Kobe Bryant scored twenty points and 11 assists, Howard get and points and eight rebounds, and antawn jamison added to 17 points. Kobe Bryant still hair before pushing, said to make the clippers players had bad valentine's day, the end is the lake's defeat. After Bryant upsetly say: "I'm in a bad mood. Our defense is too poor, like not there. The clippers with rapid transition defense completely crushed us, their inside big man with agile movement tear our defense, defender and made a lot of shot." This weekend is Houston all-star game, the start of Paul and griffin is the clippers players. A reporter asked how they fit with kobe Bryant, Bryant half jokingly detonation coarse: "I fucking now see all don't want to see them!" For the outside world to the lakers' expectations, Bryant said: "into the playoffs, the title of these I have don't care, I want to try to win. Nike Air Max 2009 I think we still have a chance to go to the end, we should keep optimistic, and at the same time, always remind yourself."NBA ushered in a small high tide. Yesterday, thunder and the heat to renew the front edge of the finals last year, the lakers, the clippers, deduce city of angels Derby. James cut down 39 points, and the heat 110-100 victory over the thunder. Compared with the light of James, kobe Bryant slightly inferior, took off twenty points and 11 assists, and the lakers once again lost the Derby. The eyes, James has passed Bryant today, the league's best player. Only Jordan in the chaos, the truth than James Bryant more successful. James mental become more mature, said to out of the shadow of the Jordan. War before thunder, James six games cut down 30 +, and shooting in more than 60%. This creates a new record. Yesterday the end stage, James try to finish out vast distance. Play the ball out of the basket, the James shooting stopped at 58%, and upgrade over record. Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 Oklahoma fans do not want the record to continue. The opening soon, they kept provocation James. This stimulates the "little emperors", let him in the first half was hit three points. "A fan in the said," throw ah, you throw miss ". So, I said 'OK', and then hit one, let he closed his mouth." James having 14 of 24 shots, but also added 12 rebounds and seven assists. He doesn't care about this record, "in professional sports category, win is very difficult things. That's what I care about. 60% shooting is meaningless, win everything." After this win, the heat six games to beat thunder. Today's James can enjoy happiness basketball. He admitted that the 2011 finals changed his mind, "loss to the mavericks after three weeks, I didn't do anything. I returned to Ohio, to return to his Alma mater, again into training. From this day, I told myself, 'hey, what also don't care". This is I now in style of play, to enjoy happiness."The heat to get the longest season 7 wins in a row. In the process, they knocked the lakers. Again with James confrontation, Bryant admitted that James into a new realm of. The lakers coach. Anthony words representative. Nike Air Max 90 He thought that James a few no weakness, is the best player in the league. In the past years, "the best players" this title has been belong to his disciple kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant care nothing for, but also to James on the compliment, "he began to focus on training, focus on the game, has entered another level of." Jordan joined the about who is the greatest player of the debate. His attitude sword go the hail, think of lebron James and kobe Bryant is not as successful, "(Bryant) five rings ratio (James) 1 championship to be successful." In the face of this argument, James place of smile, "I don't care. If kobe Bryant is the first, I am a second, it doesn't matter. I won't involved in me and kobe Bryant who is first, who is the second debate. Once go on the pitch, I only for his teammates to play, I do not need to get the approval of others."
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