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Kobe Bryant mood depressed don't want to talk about dandong, : we played not

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:11am
After the game, the lakers coach dandong criticism, the performance of the team, especially the attack and defense conversion, and kobe Bryant is not willing to talk about, it seems that the mood is not very good. The Los Angeles lakers will at home against the Utah jazz, the lakers to a 110-117 loss to the jazz. The lakers lost again! AdiZero Crazy Light Since the start of the season after, the lakers seem to have been not out of the struggle, fired mike brown after, the lakers also however is 8 wins and negative. His post-match press conference, the lakers coach, dandong's first words were, "well, we are now playing don't how." When it comes to the lakers' loss to the jazz why, dandong, and kobe Bryant are mentioned the opportunity to transition). In their view in the attack and defense conversion of the bad, to the Utah jazz many fast break opportunity, this gives the lakers with deadly effect. The whole game, jazz the fast cut down 19 points, and the lakers get the fast only 4 points. In addition, the lakers scored 34 points in the paint, but jazz but in the paint off (54 points. "Sometimes, we must do more spiritual well prepared, we need to hit energy." Dandong, he said. Next, the lakers will have four even guest, which challenges Derrick Rose Shoes 2012 the knight, the knicks, wizards and 76 people. To this, dandong, said, "this is a chance, if we go to play well," he said. Today, kobe Bryant scored 34 points, this is his this season 10 times cut down 30 +, but the lakers in the 10 games lost nine games, only to get a win. After the game, Bryant's mood obviously isn't very good, interviews, talk is not much, the reporter is in pushing on, describe said, "now kobe opened 'now I don't want to say" mode, so you can't blame him, and this can be understand." And the lakers guard DuHong game is ejaculatory said, "it is feel frustrated." The whole game, he for 31 minutes, 6 for 4, including five 3-pointers in 4, cut down 12 points and 11 assists. Dwight - Howard 11 points, 16 rebounds, Jordan - hill and throw in August 17 points, nine rebounds, but in the paint on the score, the lakers still 34-54 in jazz, the detonation by three points outside the score gap shrinking eventually lose, the Los Angeles lakers, look down is somewhat like Los Angeles the Orlando magic. For the AdiZero ROSE 2.0 fourth consecutive game, pau gasol high Emmanuel eboue broke, he and Steve Nash dressed in straight suit sitting on the sidelines, watch the lakers all the way by opposition to the nose, and eventually lost 110-117, swallowed two straight, Nash see, is two teams in fast-break points than hurt the lakers 4 - and by your opponents, and the detonation pau gasol's eyes, should be two teams 34-54 points in paint than now. This summer after the introduction of Howard, was once inside the lakers' most proud capital, gasol is the league technology best inside players, Howard is the defensive big kill device, the two people can produce between tacit cooperation, the lakers have the most powerful attack strength inside, and pau gasol gradually marginalized, Howard is on both ends of the fight again and again, again have no just joined the Los Angeles daring. Look at the game right, Howard had 11 points and 16 rebounds, only ten shots, don't say kobe shoots up to 24 times, even on the bench Jordan - hill (11 times) and m Banks (14 times) than Howard get more, he can not get the ball, the lakers do not talk to go up what inside attack, even Jordan - hill today scored 17 points, but also because he grabbed up to six offensive rebounds. In Utah jazz, millsap off (24 points, nine rebounds need not say much, Jefferson in Howard's positive dialogue with 14 points, 11 rebounds has enough, the bench ennis - the 8 for 6 had 14 points, the jazz in the paint off (54 points, accounting for nearly half of all their score. It must be admitted that, in this 54 points in the inside scoring, and part is the jazz back fast the layup inroads, but had to face, there is no pau gasol, Howard in the paint is not and jazz that AdiZero ROSE 3.0 have two or even three inside of the attacker against the team. He can who rely on? Jamison? This is a covered with big striker coat, but do the shooting guard work of 3-pointers, Jordan - hill? The outbreak of today and can't hide his in most game performance was low awkward (in a game against thunder, hill 4 shots only two points), in addition to the two men, but the lakers insider no can give Howard help players.
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