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Kobe Bryant: attack by good will play warcraft: so no one can win the lakers

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:30am
The Los Angeles lakers will staples, against the Milwaukee bucks, finally the lakers to a 104-88 victory over the bucks. In today's game, kobe Bryant not only on the offensive end of the high efficiency, but also in the defensive end is also very hard. The whole game, he 12-19 off (31 points, and in his defense, Jennings full 14 shot only 4. After the game, the lakers coach, dandong commended, kobe Bryant on both ends of the performance is quite incredible. When it comes to Bryant's Nike Shox R5 playing time, dandong, said he wanted to watch kobe Bryant's playing time, because play with three points 6 seconds was off the field, kobe Bryant play today time is controlled in 36 minutes and seconds. As "the parties", Jennings game praised kobe Bryant, he think kobe in limiting his catch and organizational attack did very good, for he made difficult. The bucks temporary coach Jim - bo eran, said, "he is the back to us is putting a lot of pressure, it has changed the face of the game." Although in the defensive end took a lot of energy, kobe Bryant on the offensive end efficiency is still high, and off 30 +. Asked why can give consideration to the offensive and defensive, kobe Bryant made a very simple response, "man, by is will power." To be sure, Bryant's positive infected with teammates, and drive the whole team. In the whole of his career, he experienced a lot of difficulties, so in the face of the lakers' struggle, he has remained very calm. When it came to share their experience teammates, kobe Bryant is humorous said, "most of the time, I Nike Shox TL3 feel like forrest, forrest gump hero), sitting on the bench to tell about their own life story." Now, the lakers made it two wins from 36-point shadow came out. After the game, Bryant's mood is good, still fun up pau gasol. Pau gasol is still under the influence of concussion, but he still participate in some of the team's basketball activity, this caused the kobe Bryant's "dissatisfaction", "darling foolish at home, turn off all lights and have a good rest will do." Warcraft Howard argues that, if the lakers continue the two games performance, that he felt that no one could beat the lakers, "if we according to the last two games to play, so that I can't imagine who can beat us." Is this game in terms of the process, the most can reflect the lakers attack mode, when is the first half, the half time a neihu scored 23 goals, including the first quarter ten goals are all assists product, time section 11 goals from nine times assists. People in public again and again to get the ball in chance best player hands, the score is random. A later, had beautiful Nike Shox TL1 medium irony the lakers "new season" the first wins, now when they hand two straight, can let the fans to add some confidence. If we can maintain such a style, it is not impossible to create miracle. The lakers today at home against the bucks, the former array central guard Steve Nash continue to start the game, he played the 32 points 51 seconds, and made three of get eight points and 11 assists, and overall performance, but the game fair he four vacancy at three points, which suggests that the injury still bothering him. The last time he a three-point shot at least 4 times but no hit records also must go back on February 27, 2011, it's almost 2 years. Today the lakers in the other players played well, they finally to a 104-88 win the game. There are 23 days, Nash will at least 39 years old so far this season, he averaged 10.7 points and 8.8 assists. In the entire NBA history, in his age still dozen play all 10 + eight assists people only John stockton, but single theory assists number of words, stockton than Nash. There is no doubt that Steve Nash is the NBA history one of the greatest point guard, but in the lakers' opinion, Nash do is far from enough. Why? In fact as long as the Nike Shox Deliver longitudinal comparison can understand, Nash this season's many data are almost since the 2003 - season, the low of 37.9% from three-point career is the second low data. Although Nash said his wound body in private, the last two games of the shots were 6 times and 4 times, but if he that can't show the strength of the former, the lakers want to in the playoffs, the difficulty is very big. In the first half from today's perspective, Nash is quietly happening change, although he before 3 throw in the first quarter, but he sent out four assists.
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