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Kim Noorda On Her Weight Struggles: "People in the Fashion Industry See

Posted Mar 16 2010 8:15pm
The April 2010 issue of Vogue features a journal kept by Kim Noorda from January 2009 to January 2010 on her struggles with food. Kim was originally sent to the Vogue offices in January of last year after her agent identified her — at five foot ten, 110 pounds — as on the precipice of an eating disorder and a candidate for an intervention underwritten by the CFDA Health Initiative. cheap shoes online Noorda, who at the time said as a model, she had learned to eat "a little less," spent four subsequent weeks as part of an outpatient program at Renfrew Center in New York, which treats patients with eating disorders, because even her agents, who are typically painted as perpetually telling models to lose weight, wanted her to gain five pounds. At the start of the program, Noorda spoke to a nutritionist, who told her, as she recalls: "Five pounds is not that much, and probably no one would even see it. I told her that people in the fashion industry see every gram of fat." Eventually, she gained 15 pounds to weigh in at 125. "Every season I gained a little weight, and every time it felt like I was doing fewer shows." » 1 Comment Email Link to ShareThis a little turn on the catwalk A Look at Azzedine Alaia Fall 2010, Created Sans Moodboards, Sans Sketches Tue, 03/16/10 — 10:30:57 AM cheap shoes >> At 9 pm on the final day of Paris Fashion Week last week, Azzedine Alaia gathered weary editors, buyers, and even Jessica Stam to his studio in the Marais for an impromptu Fall 2010 presentation, complete with drinks and dinner. The latest issue of LOVE features an interview with Alaia in that same studio, in which one of the designer's longtime assistants tries to explain the Alaia design process: "As his assistants we have never been asked to collect any documentation or anything like that. It is just his hands, the girl, the fabric and the pins. And he does not draw either. There might be a couple of notes to remember how something is tied, but never a drawing of a silhouette. So we do not know where it comes from." Alaia chimes in: "Oui. Oui-oui-oui. There are no moodboards and none of that.
I do not think about the clothes or about 'trends.' I just pick up the fabric and go to the girl and the ideas come." In addition to formulating his silhouettes, Alaia also does all of his pattern-cutting, leather work, embroidery, draping, pleating, and the invention of new fabrications himself. cheap shoes In front of Alaia's studio work table is a giant 63-inch TV, on which he watches the National Geographic channel. He's transfixed by all the exotic places shown, but the designer, known for his 24/7 work schedule, says: "I really don’t have time to go out of the house and travel so much. I don’t have another choice but to have a self-sufficient state here. I am hard on myself because I am hard on the people around me." That includes Naomi Campbell, who has known Alaia since she was 17 and refers to him as "Papa," who says: "I was in Paris last week and I stayed with him, I still do whenever I am there. He’s my family. But he is not soft on me either — and that’s how you know he is very real. For one thing if I am putting on weight he tells me immediately!" She laughs. "And he doesn’t hold back!" mbt shoes
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