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Jumping on the Bandwagon

Posted Sep 09 2008 12:00am
Agh! It seems everywhere I turn on the blogosphere I see another political post. Blah blah Palin blah blah pro-life blah blah Bristol blah blah blah. Sheesh. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I'd also like to read some other, more trivial, blog posts such as: What My Cat Coughed Up, or I Tripped and Fell on a Penis and Now I'm Pregnant.

Anyways. Now that I've said that, here's my political post. It should hold me until November rolls around. (Except in November there is a baby being born, so I will not give a shit about the election.)


There are certain things I hear on the news which give me immediate nausea. Hearing another Bush speech, for example, brings extreme urges to vomit. That happened yesterday. DH was watching the news with me (I think it was NBC) when I saw a Bush speech on the war in Iraq and how we're winning. I looked at DH and said, "Everything that comes out of that man's mouth is a lie. I can't even listen to his voice anymore, it grates my nerves. I have lost all respect for that man." (I say "that man" a lot when I'm talking about Bush because I hate saying Bush because it makes me think of Bush). Is it wrong to loathe your country's president? I'm glad I don't live in China where talking about this can throw me into prison or get me executed. I just wish I had a president I could believe in. Or at least one I could tolerate listening to.

Also on the news last night was a segment about a recent army operation in Afganistan where the US military bombed a building full of civilian people. The video showed babies, women, innocent people killed and hurt by the bombing. Our bombing . Since when did we become the bad guys? It makes me sick that this is how some of the rest of the world views us. It sucks that is how *I* view us.

The more I hear about and learn about Sarah Palin, the more I can't stand the woman. Her gun toting, polar bear hating, fertile self (you know I had to throw in the "fertile"). As much as I would love to see a woman in the White House, I would die if she was the one to make it. Not to mention, I hear Bristol might get a shotgun wedding now. How perfectly awesome. If little teenage girls hadn't wanted to run out and get knocked up after seeing the 2 page spread in US Weekly about Jamie Lynn Spear's baby, they just might now.
"Drop your dreams of college and being able to support yourself, girls! You don't have to graduate high school to get married and start a family! Get in the kitchen b*tch and make me a sammich!"

"Ooooooh my boyfriend will look so cute in a tux! It'll be just like prom!"

It seems we're slipping backwards, and out of control here. I would love to have my hope in humanity renewed in November, I don't think that's too much to ask.
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