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jordan heels MLM Prospecting: Creating a Win-Win Outcome

Posted Mar 19 2013 7:11am

The goal is to reach a win-win outcome, and there's more to it than just presenting your favorite features and benefits and assuming that's what your prospect wants, too nike zoom kd shoes.If you're truly dedicated to win-win, your goal is to reach a deep understanding of what a win would be for her and then honestly assessing whether or not your opportunity would create that.

If it's not a good fit, let it go. Thank her for her time and move on cheap nike heels.On the other hand, if you believe your opportunity is a match for her, go ahead and explain to her why you think so.

Be sure to connect the dots between her specific problems and how your opportunity can address them nike high heels.Then she signs up, rightNot quite.

Actually, there's yet another critical step you both must take before reaching a win-win outcome nike heels.Recently, I started reading a book that really gets into the whole win-win strategy, "The New Conceptual Selling" by Stephen E.

Heiman and Diane Sanchez. (Although it was written mainly for business-to-business salespeople, most of the principles the book lays out are applicable to network marketers, too.)It describes three stages of decision-making in the sales process.Stage 1: The decision-maker (your prospect) comes to a better understanding of the situation she's facing. (This is where your question-answer dialogue helps her.)Stage 2: The decision-maker explores her possible options and solutions. (This is that other critical step I mentioned, and it's where many network marketers falter.)Stage 3: The decision-maker puts it all together and picks the best option for herself.Why do I say that many MLMers falter in the second stage The answer is that we naturally want OUR option to be the only one the prospect considers. But the person sitting before us must be free to consider ALL her choices, or her final decision will never be satisfying to her. (By the way, this is a common problem with many salespeople, not just network marketers.)Plus, people know when they're being pushed or manipulated. Throughout this whole conversation, you've been creating rapport and building trust. If you suddenly start pitching your solution as the only one, your prospect will close up again before your very eyes. She might start talking about how she needs to think a few things over - and maybe she'll get back to you in a couple of weeks. Maybe. In other words, you just lost her.Or if you do succeed in manipulating her into agreeing to your solution without giving her a chance to think about her other choices, she's likely to feel buyer's remorse down the road and secretly resent you for it forever. That's certainly no way to begin a healthy business relationship, is itIf you want to play a positive role in your prospect's decision-making process and achieve your win-win goal, you must make it totally clear to her, both in your words and in your actions, that you support her right to explore all her different options.
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