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Jeremiah Paul...Part 2

Posted Jan 06 2010 12:00am
I've been told I've left you guys hanging! So here you go-part 2:

I sat in my sisters room sobbing. Uncontrollably crying-I was so sad. I had such a bad feeling overwhelm me. I took a few minutes to try and gather myself and then remembered that I had our social workers cell number. I knew she was out of town for thanksgiving-but there was no way I couldn't call her to find out why they hadn't called us to tell us what was going on. So at about 6:40 pm. I called "J."

"J": Hello....
Me: J it's Erin...I just called "E's" house and was told she had the baby!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME?!!?! You were supposed to call as soon as she went into labor and I have to call her house to find out that she has already had the baby! J what is going on?!?! (Yes-I was borderline screaming)
"J" Wait? What? She already had the baby? I'm out of town-and No one has called me. Erin-take a breath-and try and relax-I'll call you right back after I make a few phone calls.
ME: OK-please hurry.

About 5 minutes later-she calls me back. Trust me that 5 minutes felt like an ETERNITY. She says "E" didn't have the baby-but she is in labor-get in your car and start driving. She said she would call me if she delivers before we get there. I knew we were about 5-6 hours away-I knew if she hadn't had the baby-I was going to miss the delivery. She said everything was ok-but that she is labor-so get there as soon as we can. So-we repack the car we had just unpacked a few hours to the nearest gas station.....fill up and hit the road.

At 7:14 pm We got the call I will never forget. "Erin this is "J" Congratulations You have a beautiful baby boy. Everyone is fine, baby is perfect and beautiful and "E" is doing great! I sobbed. Poor Mike was driving and didn't know right away what was going on. Eventually I managed to ask J a few other questions-and hung up. We were in the middle of crazy traffic and all I wanted was to hug Mike. But-we waited until we made a stop to get gas. :) In the back of my mind though I'm still wondering why weren't we called? What happened that there was confusion on her having delivered or not delivered? After all-wouldn't the person at her home know if she had had the baby???? One would think!

To Be Continued.....
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