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Jeremiah Paul.....Part 1

Posted Jan 02 2010 12:00am
I want to start this post with an apology-I have not posted in quite sometime-as I have been extremely busy taking care of a beautiful baby boy. Yes-I am now a mommy. A mommy to the most amazingly beautiful little boy that I have ever seen. This is going to be a lengthy post-so I'm going to break it down into a few parts.

Here are the important factsName: Jeremiah Paul
Born: November 28th
Time: 4:32 PM
Weight: 6 Pounds 15 ounces
Length: 20 inches

Part 1

Thanksgiving at our house was eventful....we were hosting thanksgiving dinner as well as packing up for our what could be 2+ weeks to meet and bring back our beautiful baby boy. So in between preparing a turkey and all the fixings, I was packing onsies, socks, sleepers, bottles and all that one would need to take care of a baby. We were leaving the next morning to drop off our pups...which let me tell you-was hard. I cried-won't even lie. We drove a few hours to an airport to save BIG $$$$ on airline tickets. So Friday afternoon we get to my parents house-hang out with them-attempt to get some sleep although I was VERY EXCITED for the next day. We flew into Atlanta where my wonderful sister lives-her and her husband let us borrow there car for the what was going to be a few weeks. We get to the airport-get through security with out to much trouble....board the plane and fly out. We get to my sisters at approximately 4:00 pm on the 28th. (If you were paying attention to the Time of Birth-you will see that Jeremiah would be making his appearance shortly there after.) "E" had asked me to be in the delivery room with her-and so the social workers had strict instructions to call us AS SOON as there were any signs of labor-or as soon as she called to say she was in labor.

We settle in for the night-throw a pizza in the oven at my sisters and start visiting. Mike and my brother in law take their dogs for a run and I told him-when you get back I'm going to call "E" and see how she is feeling. At this point-it's about 5:30. (We still have no word that "E" is in labor, or even close to going into labor.) Around 6:30 Mike gets back-I told him we should call "E." I go into the spare bedroom-call her house-and is told "E" is at the hospital. I say-Oh-is everything ok?? (Meanwhile-my heart is racing and yet sinking at the same time.) Is she in labor?" What I hear next completely stopped my heart I think: "No ma'am-she already had the baby-a few hours ago." I paused-and said ok-thank you-and hung up. I immediately went hysterical-called Mike into the room-and just cried. My mind was telling me-she had the baby and she had decided to keep it-and they hadn't called to tell us yet.

To be continued....
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