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Jacquard silk Major categories of printed silk a different category

Posted Jan 23 2013 2:29am
Major categories of printed silk a different category. Which said flower crepe de chine meridian jacquard crepe de chine, the said flower crepe satin jacquard silk pattern by online flower spinning, spinning meridian jacquard said, and so on. Jacquard silk, brocade of Chinese traditional varieties, ancient incense satin, the Cleveland satin, Campbell land, velvet, etc., as well as the world flower crepe satin, Wanshou satin, nine Xia satin, spend widely twist, flower satin and other ready market. The silk jacquard plus printing is also very popular in Western Europe.
Various jacquard silk, can be adapted to the needs of a variety of internal and external clothing and decorative for underwear, outerwear and dresses for quilt cover, bedspread and chair cover, can also be used to paste the wall and a variety of decorative. With the true Siti Huachou make paste wall silk not only beautiful, but also smoke vent gas, adjust the indoor temperature of the power. Production of jacquard silk satin origin in China, accounting for more than 35% of the total production of silk, accounti ng for 20% of the silk yarn exports up and down.
Edit this paragraph fabrics features bedding set
1, silk sericin and fibroin composition consisting of 18 kinds of amino acids in different proportions and spatial combination, is a protein fiber. The sericin outer fibroin including two closely linked. The loose structure of sericin feel rough, so need unglued fibroin compact structure, soft gloss bright fertilizer, with a pearly luster.
Soft, smooth, thick, plump, excellent flexibility.
3, has good moisture absorption, air permeability, skin care role in health care. Silk is a protein fiber, silk carpets woven silk as raw material with good UV absorption. Silk is a porous fiber, and therefore has good insulation, moisture, scattered wet and breathable performance, has a protective effect on the skin.
, Silk is relatively delicate, should be in intensive care, to avoid gravity friction kink or haul in a rough place, resulting in damage to the protein fibers.
Silk originated in China, according to legend thousand years ago, the era of the Yellow Emperor, the parishioners sericulture, making clothes ”;
138 BC, Zhang Qian first Han Dynasty, 119 BC, Zhang Qian Han Dynasty, the gorgeous oriental silk into the West, and the West to the road due to the silk Mingzao world known as the ”Silk Road”. Chang’an then the starting point in the political, economic and cultural center of the Chinese Empire.
Edit this paragraph identification methods
The consumer identification silk fabrics can be used the following methods.
Item number identification method
Chinese-made silk implement unified product number by five Arabic numerals, 5 figures from left to start the number of representatives of a digital fabric material, silk fabric (including silk, silk) to ”1”, synthetic fabrics ”2”, blended fabric ”3”, ”4” silk fabric, rayon fabric 5. It is understood that the sales of imported silk market had no silk fabrics such as georgette, soft posture yarn, beads Li-wen, etc. These are synthetic fabrics, imported silk unified product number.
Price Recognition
The price of silk fabric is about twice that of chemical fiber, silk satin.
Gloss, feel identification method
Samples in equal shares to watch his appearance, silk absorbance performance, can not afford to look smooth mirror gloss elegant and soft, pearly light, feel soft and elegant, silk dense, there will be wrinkles with the clutch, the higher the purity, density the greater the silk feel better; emulation silk fabrics after off Caine processing, feel softer, but the silk surface dark pearl luster; synthetic fabrics shine bright, dazzling, feel more learning. Silk products should be feeling slight scraping hand, the two layers of fabric friction, produces silk-ming ”sound, and other raw fabric.
Combustion method
Extraction burning part of the yarn, silk invisible open flame, burning taste of hair, silk gray into black particulate, hand crush; simulation wire in case of fire, flames, plastic taste after the fire was put out leave hard edge the plastic block.
Higher shrinkage of silk, purchase finished to election than the actual needs of the freshman profile specification is appropriate, if it is a fabric, pre-production should be the cloth placed 清水中浸泡 5 hours or more, let the fabric absorb moisture to dry, and then the soak 2nd, so after two Baptist, two hanging silk before will not be deformed, made clothes can be washed. However, if it is the choice of high-end silk stuff, it is best to take dry cleaning so that the fabric without prior soaking.
Disinfectant identification method
Dissolution test was performed using 84 disinfectant, silk, put 84 disinfectant, silk thirty-five minutes later gradually dissolved disinfectant disappear.
Strength of identification
Better distinguish from the fiber strength: Silk strength and elongation force, the better the quality. Silkworm equally long lines, after stretching, the longer the better the quality. Generally good silk can be pulled more than 100 cm. [1]?
Edit this paragraph distinction
Higher shrinkage of silk, purchase finished to election than the actual needs of the freshman profile specification is appropriate, if it is a fabric, pre-production should be the cloth placed 清水中浸泡 5 hours or more, let the fabric absorb moisture to dry, and then soak for 2, so after two dip two dry silk will not deform,
Rayon more and more detail in bedding sets
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