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It is very superficial

Posted Jul 21 2012 3:52am

1968 years ago, Rimbaud this phrase from the mouth or the tip to create out  196 8 years, these words were painted at the University of Paris on the wall; 1968, Milan Kundera, it is made well known. I use 1968 as a cut-off point because I was shocked that these words actually appear in the wall on the wall. I almost see the walls of the Chinese are "To the rich, to have fewer children a variety of trees and the like, like the minds of Chinese people to have children no anything else. So I think the walls of the University of Paris is the world's most tasteful wall. The twentieth century, when this sentence is just a very common thing, at best, but a very philosophical words to me irrelevant. From the beginning of the twenty-first century, these words one day again carved in my mind traces. As Tods Gommino Leather Shoes with concentrated nitric acid corrosion of copper. Traces of stains. Vivid. Indelible. About Shanghai Enya said, everyone has a root, it is at the foot of each to leave their homeland by step would be abnormal pain. But I will not. My roots seems to be rooted in Shanghai, like the people of the vagus nerve, as a fan so far. This is how much a bit weird. I remember someone said, like Shanghai, people are secular. I smiled, when the drink of a lunatic nonsense. Many people like Tibet, there is really bred inspiration, and most stated that they prefer to Tibet while also alluding to my Shanghai. So I asked when they Gesang Hua open central the Sky God prayer wheel to turn which direction when they looked at me bewildered. In fact, I like Tibet than any one of them must understand Tibet, but I will not in order to express their own good taste on the day of Tibet Tibet I love you. It is very superficial. In fact, when you really love something, you will find the language of how fragile and weakness. Text and feel forever gap. Xiao Pei is my friend, she, like me, not at the foot of the root, in Beijing. She said she liked the glazed tiles in Beijing reflects the warm sunset, very thick and heavy light.


Therefore, we will live longer than others in the first two decades of life hard than others, tired, two years later, we vomit make their own efforts to replace it a blue print account, and then laugh or burst into tears. Boring Shanghai People's Congress on the Shanghai tacky and a look of disdain when tods moccasins I was in the nothingness of a thing of the past do hedge the fight. Why should not love the people of Shanghai was born in Shanghai? God must have made a mistake. My classmates had at Fudan University in shopping for a whole day, and took a lot of photos to show me. I looked at the old house covered with ivy eyes become a little fuzzy, I think that is my real home. Fudan I am not a student but I want to be students of Fudan University, This is me and Fudan University is currently the only contact, a bit like unrequited love. Mother I wish I were the status quo of the test affordable universities in the last affordable professional knot affordable born in wedlock affordable child, and finally lie into an affordable coffin affordable to die. But I was destined to be a wandering people drift from one downtown to another downtown or desolate. A song to sing: life lived in one place, life sleeping in a side. I believe that everyone has their own place. Predestined tods shoes. So every minute someone will start with infinite longing drift will be contented to stop wandering. Like Shanghai because of the culture inherited from the twenties and thirties - bustling and desolate. Prosperous and desolation. Eileen Chang is the case said. Old Shanghai in my mind is an old film movie screen covered with white spots, no one lines, elegant gentleman of luxurious woman smiling happily. Lights of the nightclubs like Van Gogh's color swept over the whole city. The background music is also a short implied, floating to the screen from time to time, such as smoke-like fleeting screen indescribable to gently swaying. Who said: the whole Shanghai to kindle the lights is a magnificent linshanzx0721 cruise ship.


And I nowThe city is somewhat ironic. In short, it is a rural city, a city in rural areas. This is precisely the most terrible. If it is a purely rural, mountain out of water net, grass butterflies, then, that I threw to embrace it, without any explanation. If it is a city with its own characteristics that I will open my arms for no apparent reason. But it is not. Here are wearing a suit underfoot dual N IKE so-called "get rich" people, pretended to at Christmas time the Christmas tree on the small days using the hanging hang up, and then folded his arms smiled innocently at the side of silly to appreciate the little corpse they get out of the sway in the wind.

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