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Isle of Conquest Items

Posted Nov 23 2012 7:07am

Oil Derrick / Cobalt Mine
The Oil Derrick / Cobalt My own are in the north-west and south-east of the islands and near to the Partnership / Group stronghold. If you take up here you can get the continuous honor value and improve by 15% about the stress technical harm done to structures. If you take up the both, it will improve by 30% of stress technical harm done to structures.

Dock is in the western waterfront. This wooden Connect allows the element of occupation to use new rotary blade throwers and catapults which has the excellent dangerous power. Both cars are flexible and quick devices. It is worth mention is that the catapult can release the player into the air with a persons cannon

Airship Hangar
The Airship Hangar is in the east of islands. This sturdy steel construction is in the conquest of the mountain. If you take up it you can board the airship in the sky. The aircraft is prepared with four air-to-ground artilleries to eliminate the enemy's fortifications. Once the players embarked on a ship, they also can instantly assemble a parachute, so that the strike team was able to parachute into each other's fortress.

Siege Workshop
Siege Workshop is in the center of the Group and Partnership platform. This Duress Workshop is in the most ideal ideal place. The element who occupied the place should provide a broad variety of stress engines. The both sides eliminate each other fortress walls and straight strike each other's command officer. Moreover to the common demolisher, it will provide fantastic size of the ultimate stress weaponry every five minutes.

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