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iPad Mini May Release on October 23

Posted Oct 15 2012 9:05am

Recently, the rumors about iPad mini become hotter and hotter. So far, the Apple has remained silent on the existence of iPad mini. However, the pricing and configuration information for the much-rumored iPad mini is allegedly already appearing in a consumer electronics giant's inventory system.


According to the report, we can clearly see prices for various memory and wireless combinations for the unannounced tablet allegedly depicted in screenshot from European retail giant's inventory system. And the most cheap price of iPad mini is249.


In addition, according to the leaks of some whispers, the Apple would release the iPad mini on October 23 to compete with the tablet PC of Amazon and Google.


In the previous rumors, there revealed nearly all the details of iPad mini. iPad Mini rumors have been swirling for months, with various sources reporting that the device will feature a 7.85-inch display and go on sale for a price that's far cheaper than Apple's current, larger tablet.


Although there were many reports showed that iPad mini has been put into mass production, and Apple has already reportedly ordered 10 million units of the unannounced tablet for the fourth quarter, roughly twice what Amazon reportedly ordered for the Kindle Fire for the same quarter, till now the Apple has made on official report of iPad mini.

According to the mass reports of iPad mini, there seems to be enough reasons for us to believe that iPad mini is on the way.


It is believed that many people would exchange their current iPad for iPad mini. Actually all generations of iPad are really great for watching videos and listening to the music. There must be a lot of music and videos in your iPad. Even if you buy the iPad mini, you definitely do not want to lose them all. So you have to look for ways to transfer all the files from iPad for backup.


For example, you want to back up the iPad videos. You may first think of backing them up to your computer. You can refer to an easy way for transferring videos from iPad to computer, where you could find a reliable software program. It can help you transfer videos from iPad to computer, as well as transfer music, photos and more from iPad to computer.


If you want to transfer some music from iPad for backup, here is a step-by-step guide for iPad music backup, where offers you an advanced software program. As a specially developed program for iPad files transfer and backup, this software is really powerful enough for users to export and save iPad music, movies, any other regular types of iPad compatible media files, eBooks, photos and even playlists to PC.


In fact, the Apple has sent no invitations for this rumored iPad mini’s conference. But if the iPad mini is really released on October 23, the wait for iPad mini would be over soon.

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