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Interview with Rijkaard: Messi success secret that China is the biggest rival

Posted Oct 11 2012 1:36am
In just the end of last week's national derby, Barcelona 2-2 home draw by Real Madrid. In Asian Cup qualifying group draw, the Chinese team with Saudi divided in a group. Yumeji former Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard, Cheap Kobe 7 now coach in Asia Saudi Arabia, NetEase sports also the national derby and the Asian Cup Rijkaard had an exclusive interview. NEW YORK: national derby last weekend, do you think Barcelona exposed What problem? Rijkaard: Barcelona played well, in the case of the absence of the main defender of good, but two goals C Luo is clearly where the problem lies, at least defensive systems have vulnerabilities, two wings back on defense a little slow. Netease sports: For now this Barca and Guardiola era, do you think different? Rijkaard: almost do not see any changes, Vilanova originally Guardiola assistant, in general assistants rarely go to make a revolutionary change. Netease sports: What differences in European club coach coaching in Saudi Arabia? Rijkaard: competitive differences, are engaged in football coaching those things, big cultural difference, but I am very happy. Netease sports: If you are the coach of the team is in urgent need of players, do you think C Ronaldo or Messi who is the more appropriate it? Also, did you think that Macy's most attractive point is what? Rijkaard: best need both, this may be all the coaches want. Messi attract me the biggest point is his pursuit of football, in addition to football in his eyes nothing else, because of this reason, talent outside is he all football practices and savvy. The 14-year-old, he is more training time than many 20-year-old player. Netease sports: the Netherlands national team now entered a slump, do you think the biggest drawbacks of this Netherlands where? Rijkaard: Netherlands national team to take the title at the bottom, which is the biggest taboo in the Netherlands. Many times, people is too high for the requirements of the Dutch team, which is a also need a step-by-step walk up the team, the players are too scattered, kicking a different league, integration requires patience. Netease sports: Bojan was the child that you really like, do you think his AC Milan's prospects? Rijkaard: Bojan Where will succeed, especially in today's AC Milan. Netease sports: the Asian preliminaries war, who do you think is the biggest competitor? Rijkaard: Obviously, China, for a coach are most afraid of the opponent is unstable, the Chinese team 0:8 loss to Brazil, the 0:1 negative Spain, most people do not understand. Most opponents do not want to encounter in my coaching career is that it is mediocre, but once the play completely different team. Netease sports: Can you comment about other opponents in the group? Rijkaard: Iraq World Cup qualifier promotion, which is a manifestation of their strength, the Indonesia team that did not understand. NEW YORK: Chinese players do you most admire, who is it? Regardless of active duty or retired Rijkaard: not particularly aware of the Chinese team that year with Barcelona against the Chinese team, a side guard is a very deep impression. Netease sports: Do you think the Chinese football now the biggest problem is where? Rijkaard: This belongs Camacho answer the question, I guess that he now also not comprehensive enough answer. It was also in Saudi Arabia often ask me, my answer is the biggest problem in Asian football is too easily lost in the moment of losing and winning a sensible and rational judgment. Win a ball does not mean to win the world to lose a ball is not indicative of the heavens. Netease sports: Asian football, do you Charles Barkley Shoes think the best team in which branch? Who is the strongest rival facing Saudi Arabia in West Asia? Rijkaard: strongest team should be the Japanese team, the strongest opponent of Saudi Arabia in West Asia is our own. NEW YORK, exclusive feature articles without permission strictly
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