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Intel Graphics HD 3000 graphics solution

Posted Feb 12 2011 6:46am

HP Notebook with the new Sandy Bridge processors provide Intel not only once for a performance increase in CPU-based

calculations, the now also in the quad-core processors integrated graphics chips just as a proper appreciation of modest

means. From then to the HD 3000 Graphics shunt at the level of previous entry-level graphics cards.  We clarified in the

extensive Check auf.Intel gaming notebooks with integrated graphics card, that is the Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD in

chips, or the GMA Arrandale 4500M HD graphics chipset in the previous ATG Penryn systems, had been intended for typical

office tasks. For the 2D desktop display, the playback of HD material as well as simple games is sufficient. Accompanying was

in the past few years, however, seen a trend toward notebooks with discrete graphics chips that have
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over the off-the classic 3D calculations, more and more other tasks, keyword video (de) coding and could thereby relieving

the CPU accordingly. The demands of games on the current graphics card has continued to grow the change from the GMA 4500M HD

an.Mit to now be in the CPU Package integrated Intel GMA HD is already a respectable performance gains. One step further you

go, but now the start of the term HD Intel Graphics 3000, which is directly in the integrated, ie Sandy Bridge is on all CPUs

in advance on board. Whether the integrated graphics will now be used depends ultimately on the notebook manufacturers.

Possible to date the abandonment of an additional independent GPU, a company exclusively with a discrete graphics card from

AMD and Nvidia with the Intel HD 3000 is disabled, the CPU, or a combination of Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU and an additional

Nvidia Nvidia graphics card with the Optimus Technologie.

In the performance of the new Intel Core i7 CPU used 2720QM HD Graphics 3000th Additionally, we had a desktop reference

system with a Core i5-2500K also with HD Graphics Inspiron 3000 for further Tests. Like its predecessors, it has no dedicated

graphics memory, but has access to the Level 3 cache on the CPU (now “Last Level Cache – LLC”) from
Compaq Presario C700 battery up to 8MB, depending on the particular CPU. The excess memory requirements by accessing the main memory (RAM)

gedeckt.?hnlich the actual core of the CPU also can integrated HD 3000 Graphics dynamically increase at higher load demands

their stroke (turbo boost). In this case, however, differ some of Sandy Bridge processors range. Thus, the stroke width in

the new i5/i7-2X20 or i5/i7-2X40 M / QM / XM is processors 650 MHz up to 1300 MHz, while the 2310M and the i3-i7 2630QM 650

-1100 MHz and the i5, and i7-2410M-2635QM clocked at 650-1200 somewhat lower. ULV processors like the i7 overclock the 2617M

graphics with 350-900MHz even so the performance would suffer significantly. The Intel HD 3000 Graphics Graphics has 12

execution units (see Pipelines). Although this is nominally identical to the GMA HD, but these are the basis of thorough

revision significantly faster than in Vorg?nger.Darüber also integrates HD Graphics 3000 also a separate unit to de /

encoding of HD video. It also supports DirectX 10.1, Shader Model
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support). Made, the graphics unit as the entire CPU unit in 32-nanometer process.

The highest entry for a GMA HD graphics in our database comes from the Sony Vaio with Intel i5 B11-520M CPU: 2169 points.

Its predecessor, the GMA 4500M HD reached in our tests than in 1122 score (Fujitsu Lifebook A1130, T6600 CPU). In the 5900-

6000 points are found comparatively cars with ATI HD 5870 GPU (Asus G73JH) and even SLI solutions . In more recent can

Cinebench OpenGL test in R11.5 11:41 fps can be achieved. This however is much less than using the GT 540M video card in the

Asus N53SV (24.9) impressed again the difference with the Intel GMA HD video solution. Reached the Toshiba Portege R700 with

i7-620M CPU in the same test with 1.9 fps, the best result in our database. The GMA 4500M HD is at 1.1 fps in the Toshiba

T4500 CPU with C650 again further behind. Points, the integrated Intel graphics can also be in the known Futuremark 3DMark

tests. In the very CPU-heavy versions 2001 and 2003 and 17 134 11 589 points are reached. In the more significant 3DMark 2005

are still good 8626 points. Best result comes from our database of
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with i5-520M CPU at 3429 points. The older GMA 4500M HD achieved the best case, 1665 points, in the Thinkpad T400 we tested

with SP9600 CPU.Im newer 3DMark 2006 (1280×1024) is our test system with the HD 3000 to 5275 points, with the active Geforce

GT 540M to 8423 points. The GMA with HD with a maximum of 1968 points in our database.

The GMA HD chip creates here a maximum of 339 points, and indeed again in the 1558 with i5-520M CPU. This benchmark values

could be the new Intel HD Graphics 3000 a performance increase compared to previous Intel GMA HD of 170% in 3DMark Inspiron

15 in 2006 to around 300% in 3DMark Vantage ascribe to the influence of the CPU are not considered. Generic benchmarks are

one thing, but what about in practical from game company? Since Intel also refers specifically to the increased 3D

performance for use in various games, we want to go this
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is important to go on rumors regarding the release of various entry-level graphics card with integrated Intel graphics chip

to the bottom.  A look at our games database provides for the predecessor GMA HD 23 fps at same settings, which would

correspond to an increase of 200%. The Nvidia 310M can deliver 42 fps just as only significantly lower result. Only a GT330M

delivers 70 fps noticed an equal result with Einstellungen.Im same test, however, a much too dark image in the operation with

the integrated Intel graphics.

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