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In the open before the trip

Posted Jan 23 2013 6:43am
In the open before the trip, Patrick beverley only at the end of the game play symbolically. But yesterday, as a backup point guard, he is playing with the last 15 minutes, and in the final three points 7 seconds hit a record key three-pointer. "At that time, I hope to be able to hit the ball," Ken Griffey Max beverley when it comes to make moves, teammates on the trust, "after all, I missed a lot of the ball before. Most teams want to guard James haddon, after all, he's all-star players, that's for sure. This requires all can stand up hit shooting." The Los Angeles lakers (demons) [micro bo] is not beautiful, even after losing three playoff situation become more difficult, the team boss kobe Bryant heart must be bad, then, to the bulls in Peter after the game, to find a solution in the method of stagnation, playing the piano. World war I to the bulls, Bryant had to 16 points, the last few games feel very bad, completely lost this season hot shot. And in a few hours after the game, kobe Bryant in their push on, send a picture: he's a dress sits in front, ease of piano playing, grey suit with black MaoXianMao and scarf, should be a literary youth, with the game to win grind desperately image, fully into two extremes. With kobe Bryant's words: piano makes me feel quiet. " Ken Griffey Max 1 I learn to play the piano 1 year," clair DE lune ", this I am listening to the society, "he wrote," I in here feel the power, realize that fragile, enjoy the joy, also realizing love and pain. I learn this song, it is to Vanessa." Just and wife get together again, Bryant time don't forget to show love, table loyalty. The team PinChu internal condition, media blamed a piece of, the fans rant unceasingly, in this very impulsive noise environment, perhaps only from "clair DE lune", kobe Bryant to find he wanted to state of mind. According to the Houston chronicle Jonathan - typical and Chris Shelton joint report, with Houston rockets seven straight, one of reasons is lack of training opportunities, but today, they have the rare opportunity in training, James haddon and boss Kevin McHale opinion, this helps to solve a series of problems, including let Patrick beverley into the team as soon as possible. Several weeks, the rockets are on the road, Nike Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe and the local time on Tuesday, they can finally do some long time no can do business, that is training. The team believes, lack of training opportunities are caused many problems before one of the reasons for this week, and a rare training opportunities, will provide potential solutions to solve these problems. "It is very important to us, especially because we are a young team," haddon said, "so we have to review some of the things that happened recently, some problems must be reiterated. Improve some details, will help to our game, but not the opportunity to train, it will be a mess of things. Can return to the training ground is a good thing. We need to start pay attention to detail. Through the back to watch the game video, we found that there are many can correct." And Beverly hills in the near future also get reuse, not only replaced Tony - Douglas, and yesterday competition, he also replace LinShuHao [micro bo], for the last 15 minutes. But as of Tuesday, he also had not been the opportunity to participate in training, to keep up with the steps of the team. And the distance he has signed a contract for two weeks, and distance from the development league he was called up and a week later. And this and able to participate in the training opportunity is rare, especially in the defensive end. "I must go to strive to establish the concept of defense, especially for the pick-and-roll defense," he said, "the important thing is, I have to Nike Air Max 2013 know when to attack his opponent, I think this is a kind of instinct, need to know when to stop opponents, manufacturing fast break opportunity, these can be in training grope. In the game, everybody to help me, this is very helpful to me." In the last game, the rockets coaches in the dead ball clearance, spent a lot of time and beverley study concerning the defensive problems. "
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