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In the game to play during the midfield

Posted Jan 03 2013 2:13am
now, Wilkes also joined the ranks. In the game to play during the midfield, kareem abdul-jabbar, wes card legend also have to congratulate. But to wait until next year in April, the lakers honor palace and added another star player, he is a ShaKuiEr o 'neal. According to the previous news, the lakers will be in the United Nike Air CB 34 States time April 2, 2013 against Dallas for shaq matchday squad number 34 hold a retirement ceremony. O 'neal was in 2000-2002 to help the lakers finish championships equation, his personal even took three NBA finals MVP.Beijing time on December 29 NBA today (micro bo) 12 games: deron back basket network in handsome victory after; Los red (micro bo) return the Toronto raptors overtime victory; Gary in 39 points out the calf; Glen's 27 + 8 won the eagle; Chim huang 35 points heat negative piston; Book hao 21 + 8 rocket defeat to the SAN Antonio spurs, Paul 29 points the clippers and winning streak. The following is the game review: the nets fire Avery Johnson, today after a 97-81 victory over visiting the bobcats, stopped two straight. Charlotte bobcats were 17 straight - this distance their team history longest losing streak and only six games. Deron Williams had 19 points and two assists, brooke - lopez had 26 points, 11 rebounds, Joe Johnson scored 16 points and four assists. Charles Barkley Shoes The bobcats side, HaJiM - hakim warrick had 13 points, ramon - sessions had 12 points. Deron Williams back today, in his engineering, the nets played like November as well, with 19-7 lead. The nets in 11 11-3 negative record, Johnson to make on the eastern coach. End of the first quarter, the nets to 33-15 lead. In ramon - sessions to dunk (micro bo) score, bobcats 24 to 36 impending score. At this time, Joe - Johnson 3 consecutive successful attack the basket, and consolidate the leading edge. In deron hit a 3-pointer to lopez dunk inroads, the nets half 56 - lead. Easy side fight again, have been hit by the bobcats didn't score before 4 minutes, the nets in Johnson, led by hit a 10-0 attack wave, a 66-39 points difference will expand to 27 points. May BiYongBo penalty goal. The bobcats end this section in 80 - behind. New Jersey nets handsome culler seamus see lead so much, the fourth quarter sent all the substitute. The bobcats also basic give up against, the game into the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 garbage time. The nets in a 97-81 win.Kyle - los red back today, he help raptors overtime to a 104-97 victory over New Orleans. The hornets last ten games lost nine games. Los Rachel came off the bench to the scored 17 points and eight assists, plus 3 rebounds, two blocks, he has no mistakes. Del - DE rosanne scored 30 points 6 rebounds, Alan Anderson scored 16 points. The hornets side, "number one scholar lang" Anthony Davis scored 25 points, nine rebounds and blocks, gray wes - Schwartz high-graded this get twenty points and 14 assists nine rebounds. New Orleans is a good start, at the Ann Anderson a 3-pointer, New Orleans after 17-7 lead. The Toronto raptors request long pause, los red bench soon, he assists Alan Anderson after 3-pointer, 2 penalty 2, help raptors 21-23 impending score. The two teams in the second Cheap Nike Hyperdunk 2012 quarter stalemate, raptors with Anderson last two seconds of layup, and lead - 42. Easy side fight again, the hornets in the third quarter of 61-63 impending score. At this time, Anderson layup, los red 2 penalty after 2 assists LuoZanBiao's three points. They help the Toronto raptors end of this section to a 70-64 lead. In the third quarter the Toronto raptors last 1 minute and second was to a 90-83 lead, but they in this section only then game scored. The hornets to cash in on the crazy chase points in Schwartz high-graded this assists in Ann Anderson a 3-pointer, two teams to 91 - into overtime. Los red rule overtime, he has to get 5 points 1 assists, help raptors last 31 seconds to a 102-95 lead. The hornets had to use foul strategy, Ann Anderson 2 penalty 2, help the Toronto raptors 104-97 win.Dirk nowitzki after returning from injury, for the first time back to home American airlines center, but the mavericks to a 85-106 loss to Denver, encounter the longest losing streak of the season five. Dani luo - Gary inside the three points and 7 for, get career-high 39 points and eight rebounds, three assists. Andre - Andre iguodala get twenty points and eight rebounds, 4 assists, tai - Lawson had 11 points 6 assists, Kenneth - method reed had 11 points and rebounds. The mavericks side, OJ Mayo get team-high 15 points, nowitzki played and ten minutes, making 2 scored five points. In view of the Lawson, the Denver nuggets 12-6 start. The mavericks coach Carlisle request suspended after, still failed to stop the Denver nuggets. Andre iguodala in continuous two attack inroads, method reed scored this section fifth offensive rebounds, the Denver nuggets in the first quarter, 29 - and lead. The mavericks in darren colin's and Vince carter, help, the second quarter to 47 - fifty impending score. The distance from the end of the game and 5 seconds, Gary inside the in this 5 seconds to get 5 points, to help the nuggets 53 - and into the second half. Gary in the third
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