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If you have a few hundred gold inside your bags

Posted May 07 2013 1:28am

You will also want to make certain that you're using a separate auction toon for all your auctioning. Quite often people assume what this means is a level 1 character, that just runs the auction house and nothing else. However it does not have to be this way. I think it is a lot more enjoyable to work with an eighty. This way, while I'm hanging out doing nothing at all awaiting my daily dungeon or a raid to form, I am able to simply play with the ah and earn gold. When I get summoned or perhaps the party is ready I take off. Later the ah is there awaiting me, as i start to group for another raid or heroic or what ever I'm doing.

The key reason why I concentrate a whole lot with the auction house is because it is easy to create a lot of gold while using ah. If you're absolutely without any gold at all, it can be as simple as doing a scan for gear pieces, and buying the low level items which are being sold for 25 silver or perhaps less. By low-level I mean everything lower level twenty being the necessary to be able to put on level. Next merely list all those items back about the ahfor one or two gold. Folks are always thrilled to pay a gold or two to enable them to get their low-level alts some gear.

If you have a few hundred gold inside your bags, you could use this technique, but rather search for level eighty epic items. At the top of your auction house search tab, you will see the option to type in the level range for items that you look for. Simply type 80 into your 1st area, and select the item rarity level in order to epic. Next search, and then click on the price line to help form the ah items by value, lesser things 1st. Browse over the auction house searching for low priced products. I normally try not to spend more than three hundred for one thing, after which sell it for 500 up to 900 with respect to the gear. You will need to relist a number of goods several times prior to they sell off, and maybe modify your pricing, however, if you pick the appropriate products you may make a couple of hundred gold quite simple and easy.

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