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I'm on this mens supra skytop 3 side the French Open to a large number

Posted Nov 12 2012 7:14am
Listened to my mother, I screw up the game seriously. The next few rounds, we played very well, badminton and sometimes like a cute elf, between my mother and I "jump". Sometimes and like a naughty hamster flew to the side of the venue, to kill us by surprise ... Today is a sunny day. My two friends came to me before the Xu-Feng Yang and Wang Yuxuan to catch fish. I am very surprised: Lixin County rivers are very dirty, and where to go to catch fish it? However, since it is to supra skytop 2 sale catch fish, then it must have a place. It did not control the thirty-seven twenty, rushed down the stairs and go.I saw the Wangyu Xuan Xu-Feng Yang really "armed": Wang Yuxuan carrying a catch butterflies like network, carrying two jars rope leash; Xu-Feng Yang carrying bottles of water. The west went their names ditch, we Xiaohe.To the destination, we lay down their tools, ran to the river to prepare for the big catch a.

Wang Yuxuan pulling bread into the jar, gently cans thrown into the deep water. I want to net some fish in the shallows, holding a net, total net any fish. Xu-Feng Yang hand catch, the impact of water too much speed in the water almost twice as slow, and simply can not catch fish. Gradually, however, I really want to work out the doorway: Wangli underwater small grass carp that is what is good, and have to swim over. Fixed a few moments, they grow fonder. Network put a cap, a fishing, few small grass carp jump on the net! I'm on this mens supra skytop 3 side the French Open to a large number of grass carp. Xu-Feng Yang hand catch, sit back and wait, many fish are caught. Cattle Wang Yuxuan the "jar lure fish Law, are caught big fish. An hour of effort, forty-five ten size fish catch, there is an Shrimps it!
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