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I love the gift wrap

Posted Dec 08 2012 7:27am
Most children experience between Halloween and Christmas week, the longest wait a year. Ironically, in the same period, most parents is the shortest. Count as your child desire to sleep, your expectations, you save enough money, the best louis vuitton christmas sale, you can for your little. Some parents are smart enough to start saving earlier this year, but if you are like most of us, it comes down to a cup on your credit card or beat down again a few nights noodles. But there are ways to reduce costs at the same time, your Christmas, keep it fun. You do not need to start looking for the taste of ramen in Turkey, there is help. After my brother and I have our own children, we made a deal that they do not buy. In the past three years, our children only spend the money, it's worked very well. If we do not buy anyone in our family, we draw names, so that each one only bought christmas sale louis vuitton, it is always $ 50. At first, I thought I had started all my wayward artillery, the lack of gifts, but in all honesty, look at my nephew's face when he opened his Thomas the train toy is ideal. Satisfied, because I know he was happy, but also because I do not pretend to enjoy the gift of my brother's signature one. He was a great man, but his current purchasing power reached its peak a few years ago, when he gave me a packet of cigarettes and some beef jerky. I can'not think of a greater waste of money during the festive season. A roll of paper and cover an area of a€?a€?less than three large gift bow / decoration has become expensive. This is not to say that I oppose. I love the gift wrap, has been sucker beautiful paper products. However, I learned, my pain is torn garbage bags of paper and concentrated in a few minutes to open a gift bit. If you must have a festival or a better paper, basic design, but a dollar store in the past the newspaper or old paper gift. Believe me, this is not a Thomas the train chanel christmas 2012, wrapping paper, your son will spend a few hours. Avoid these glittering temptation, not only save yourself $ 50, you will make the appropriate environment. However, the wise words - at Christmas time, to avoid duplication of birthdays or other similar document theme. It is one thing to see thrifty, but they do not care for all to see ... ... ... Save your money, your child's gift. But the growth, understanding of a painful process, which is not your joy on Christmas morning, and can help you reduce the bill go a long way to go. One day, when your child out of the house, and tried to pull his own holiday, you can sit back and enjoy again and selfish. Buy a big screen television, buy a mobile phone, surprisingly complex ... if you and child survival, and many chanel bag for christmas, then you deserve!
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