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I have sold more than 4000 RMB

Posted Apr 07 2013 9:05am
Add in the beginning that I didn't spend a points CDKEY outside of the RMB, on the contrary I have sold more than 4000 RMB of gold. Recent sell, amount to about 2 billion. I also only a number and concentrate on a date, don't hang up. So people are really can do it!!!!!!

Another point, I now have 1.7 billion cash on hand. Want to change to my post said goal is easy, but as long as 2-3 pieces can reach, so UP also not in lip vernacular said. On the question of price, UP there is concern is the auction house. And some players said to open the auction house is some prices, that is not realistic. Ask a pendulum 10 hours but there was none to the market price, also be normal price? Some equipment itself is scarce, just the price there, but do not have the right goods. I can only say that you give me 20 e, a day with absolute good a. Attribute absolute don't pull.

Nagging finished, get to the point. This content to start!

As the earliest diablo iii a number of players, a few months in a hurry past. During the period has also because dispirited and discouraged AFK nearly a month, but 1.0.4 finally returned to continue to play, also found some worth spending interest. Below is I focus on the mage, came to the high-end compatibility result. Through pass by, not top doesn't matter, do not spray.
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