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I even three days in womens nike free 4.0 v2 a row sent him as a student proctor

Posted Nov 29 2012 8:25am
"Ah, this is called Cui Jian few erupted, actually test to the second." Buddies are spread in the classroom, I appropriated earplugs, walked up to the teacher's office look closely, I almost fainted : Cui Jian word glare put in my name above. His second, my third. I was in a rage. Since then, every time, I always let him shop and go to the most difficult part. Can be Since that Yuekao. Teacher to find the number of Cui Jian's more. Surrounded by the Cui Jian classmates more. Jealousy filled my mind, I unfair to him also intensified. Sometimes I even three days in womens nike free 4.0 v2 a row sent him as a student proctor. These practices, he just obedience, and every time he see my face always with a smile. He is the more so, the more I hate him. Wait to kick him out of the class group, so I had power and prestige to ensure continuity.

The students, the school decided to elect two students into the Students' Union in our class. Zou Hua schools named to the elections, one of those places that house the remaining I will select one in our class and Cui Jian, the two because Zou Hua is a first class, of which they are two, three, we will be democratic elections ... ""Teacher, I abstained, my strength is not enough. Squad go!" Cui Jian publicly stand up and say, Carter, Lei Chen applause sounded again for his nike free 3.0 v3 sale classroom. I am also shocked by this move. After school, I sat the road bends stone bench finest him. Looked at him to come out, I went up shook his hand and said: "I'm sorry, Cui Jian, I do not, I beg your pardon." Cui Jian said: "Never mind, we are friends, the original our friendship can grow memory. "
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