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I do not text one hundredth Sishi Zhang smart

Posted Sep 11 2013 7:55am

Chen Lie do not know what is out of mind, but also specifically concerned about the next, just that three sturdy woman's name, from the name among the Chen Lie seems to know these three girls seems to be a man, and their name is interesting, called Xia Yu, Xue, Xia Bing, snow ice, which is easy to remember the names of the three girls, Chen Lie also remember, thinking to myself Road, these girls say the eating themselves, then your own If still know their names, then, if these little girls wait to eat their own, these people do not know their name, that is a disadvantage of not? Points over the name of the teacher, began school, look at the face on the beautiful teacher, Chen Lie still miss lectures, but then, Chen Lie know this is an English teacher on this for ever in the world to perform tasks Chen Lie, the English, like every family, very simple, there will be no lectures, so he and chatted about the person next days UGG スリッポン. 39txt Speed ??UPDATE ** Baidu search 39TxT fastest high quality update ** () network in the Chen Lie next to the guy staring at the beautiful teacher in the eyes see, let Chen Lie know this bastard probably spotted the beautiful teacher, but , Chen Lie shook his head, the teachers how to love this guy does, is up to his or her mental yy, if like myself, this is still possible Well, this time Chen Lie think it is shameless, really people want to smoke this guy. "Students, this beautiful teacher what ah?" Chen Lie stupid and people to talk to, first of all is to find a person like something to talk, but his class is a look at those people who like beautiful teacher, and now is an English class, and he does not talk English teacher, do not talk to them in English, then these people do not say that they are treason ah, this, Chen Lie still very aware of the stock market, this time, that only students from the English teacher that among towering chest recovered vision, but heard Chen Lie, then suddenly wanted cursed, and I rely on, this bastard, I actually do not know the minds among the goddess Who, ah ah ah, I really want to strangle this guy ah, but when you see that tall Chen Lie, when it is the student teacher up. Chen Lie's performance at this time can be considered very polite, like to see some dissatisfaction with this asshole, suddenly smiled and explained: "You know I just arrived today, so I do not know quite normal. (Www. 39txt Speed ??Updates "explained Chen Lie, this time at the edge of the Chen Lie guy, looked at his face go, turned out to be just arrived ah, right, wait for the next you are able to know, so very is a mystery Chen Lie said: "English teacher nice?" Chen Lie very profound and glanced at the fat man, he is asking you the beautiful teacher's name, did not ask you the beautiful teacher was beautiful, beautiful, I would ask ah, this time, Chen Lie was very unhappy, but the thought that he had just come here, or a couple, if he pulled it, may be gang fights, and suddenly very honest answer to this fat, then, while the eyes Bottom in the beautiful teacher watched one, swallowed speaking said: "beautiful, very beautiful, big ass chest Alice ah!" "Break!" That fat man silent, Chen Lie sight seeing in the beautiful teacher kept on the body scan, so serious, that kind of detail, this fat to feel their own patents applied for by others, the hearts that depressed, the angry ah, look to Chen Lie discontent up suddenly, this person how to So it's not on the road up, I asked you beautiful teacher is pretty, you see people in the chest, hip doing? Could there be able to tell you? Fat is a very tangled, even once the moment has picked up his socks for years without washing Chen Lie directly set in the head of the impulse, but the thought of this kid is still new, maybe a lot of things still do not understand the rules, it do not intend to care about, but this time, Chen Lie himself, then make this fat, almost but flies into a rage, and it almost make this fat is not very mangled head directly crashed. () "Such a beautiful woman, and if I cool a night, then it should be very comfortable!" Chen Lie looked beautiful teacher says it is straightforward, but it is not seen, the fat man next to him, a way to kill If this time the fat man who has the knife, I believe that this little fat still will be very happy to give Chen Lie knife, the problem is that the fat man looking up and down, only to find just eat eggs peel left Under the egg shell, this is the reason fat so angry UGG インファント. * Http://WwW.39tXt.CoM fastest high quality update ** Chen Lie naturally no idea his actions already put this fat to enraged, still very happy to give this man told about all the beautiful teacher seems Chen Lie has put off a naked beautiful teacher in general, for the beautiful teacher who has what is very clear that this so fat heart that hate ah, is simply necessary to kill the eye is among a wave of anger emerge. ( your sister ah, do not you know I was the goddess of minds among the beautiful teacher ah, you are now in front of me to say what you want to put this beautiful teacher pushed and procedures, as well as the beautiful teacher will want to look like , you this is not court death ah, is not really want me to Ben collapse ah, this fat is very wronged, that feels like the first time in their precious was taken away in general, but also the kind himself drunk , and did not feel the kind of mind that Resentment, that hate ah. Chen Lie's eyes looked very dangerous, but this time Chen Lie regarded his gaze to the podium gathered over the beautiful teacher body, and are they put this little fat that Resentment eyes to ignore, let little fat almost lost consciousness several times over バレエフラッツ. Next, Chen Lie is gushing said a Chase, from how to cheat this beautiful teacher bed, and then to the bed they should be doing, is the first or the first undress panties off, also said very clearly, the next step is children should not be, and Chen Lie also give it the little fat man said very clearly, Chen Lie mind is also very happy now, even a little bit so proud, after all, now he can see a woman, this woman knows how to give won, this is progress. Another is, Chen Lie discover that I still have talent, you see, that the fat in my talk, not that you did not say a word? Well this is to say, in their own words, is still very capable people to listen, but this time, Chen Lie is wanted and this little fat to show off, I found this little body fat seems to have cramps in general, in the intense trembling, Chen Lie thought this little fat man sick of it, suddenly on the beautiful teacher said, they have to send her to the hospital, Chen Lie that he is now among just came to this class, naturally should be good to deal with classes of The relationship, therefore, to send students to the hospital this task should be left to their own, but this time, Chen Lie of the word, it is to lose consciousness of fat directly jumped up, ran out, Let Chen Lie was very silent, not sick it? "Hey, brother Hold on, ah, I go to the hospital for you to continue to have the topic!" Chen Lie back against fat shouted loudly, but the fat man heard these words, but disappeared without a trace, Chan Lie was very puzzled, narcissistic mind is thought, is it his own views, listen to this kid, and now what to buy flowers, or other gifts to the beautiful teacher, and want to express their affection ? Chen Lie grew more and more a possibility, the hearts of the happy ah, the original because of who he is also a master ah, do not know, after the departure of fat in the heart that the fear ah, the first time I saw such can say, adding that his goddess man chops clothes in all its manifestations, fat is fed up, it is in a small edge of the woods, ferocious glanced at the direction of the classroom, loud screams and said: "My God, how can you not hack that guy ah ! "side of the Chen Lie Nature does not know that he was to curse the heart is still very happy it, so it still intends to helping others, after all, just that fat appears to be awake, and now if he finds a people come in so that they stay away from five girls, these people should be very happy, and myself this is to help others, a feature that the Chen Lie find yourself in this class is still some value, so in looking for a man, this when Chen Lie simply intoxicated that he had just come to offend experiences among the top of the podium did not notice that, earnestly look beautiful teacher, originally thought that this guy has come, is to learn, but also lessons not started, right in where the chat, this so beautiful teacher had a feeling of being ignored, the hearts that hate ah, naturally, is on the Chen Lie to hate, but Chen Lie Without this feeling, still looking for their practice to target, or a teacher of English as the goddess of man UGG ニューメル. This time, Chen Lie already know the beautiful teacher named Chen Ting, and privately many people call this teacher Tingting, it is beautiful, Chen Lie found a student, directly put the set theory that you just gave After listening to the student, the student listened secretly nodded, not when it discussed and Chen Lie, classroom is spread over two guys very lustful voice, so Chen Ting brow a few are wrinkled, very unhappy, underground passage, how could these two guys so cheap? Chen Lie, and it seems that the students do not feel anything in general, did not feel that to kill the teacher's eyes, still very happy about what they had together, it seems to find a bosom friend, and this time, two people are more comfortable talking months, it is crazy, but this time, there are a few nurses dressed in white clothes came in, sorry for the beautiful teacher reported, went to the edge of Chen Lie, a feature that the Chen Lie very puzzled look, he did not get sick, ah, Just now and then saw the man himself talk, given by the nurses away, which made Chen Lie was very satisfied that he found it so much fun to chat with, and you shall take, at least have to tell yourself what disease it, stood up and said Chen Lie (Reporting Directorate, filed for divorce no ads). That nurse looking Chen Lie This animal is actually quite good, also said: "Your friend, a month ago was admitted into a mental hospital, I do not know how to run out today, very sorry that we did not manage He is good, I assure you will not be a next time. "nurse beside Sorry, you leave, but Chen Lie is to crazy, your sister, you say I have actually, and a neuropathy in the chat, ah, let Chen Lie hearts that hate ah, look at the class in those animals, one by one all the eyes looking at myself, but this time, a person like the doctor came in front of the beautiful teacher said something God horse in general, Chen Lie Because sensitive ears have heard. "Just that mentally ill students and students talk very happy, I think, you'd better let him go to a mental hospital to check it!" The doctor glanced at the direction of Chen Lie, but Chen Lie was almost crying, and the hearts is snarled, brother, I do not have mental illness, while Chen Lie hearts secretly regret what you did not come to school doing? Have heard people say, the school is very dangerous, and now know it. If there is also a beautiful teacher Chen Ting Chen Lie profound and looked a direction, that look, that attitude, so Chen Lie very happy fainted, gas halo! Share knees and begged the fastest updates at least go wrong network ♂ ♂ r


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