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I am nike free run+ 3 mens reluctant to leave the West Lake

Posted Oct 26 2012 6:33am
Shanqing, mountain concentrated mountain light, I really like a beautiful landscape painting. Calm surface of the lake, as if one side of the huge silver mirror, the crowds eismowe skirted green lake, in the sun, Twinkle, twinkle, very good-looking. Bright and clean lake water sloshing Green Island and clouds reflection, general seemed nike free 3.0 v2 mens Wonderland. Boating in the center of the lake, splashed Lane TV drama cool, clear lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the two sides, and really enjoy a fairy-like. Rowing back, sunset hill, standing on the shore vistas, Lei Feng sunset pagoda brilliance, Fo Guang Bao gas, general mapping landscapes, scenery magnificent. It has been cloud: "smoke the Guangshan pale sea Mongolia, thousand feet Budo empty.

Lake, Wu reliance on Huachuan normalized For feet, Koho Youdai red sunset." Sun is getting Nishishita, and an afterglow shop at the surface of the river, in the sunlight under the sparkling, glittering. River half showing a deep green, half showing a bright red. I can not help but intoned: "a shop setting sun water, half Jiang howling half Jianghong.The time seems Arrows, instant night they come, I am nike free run+ 3 mens reluctant to leave the West Lake drive heading for my home. Beginning of the West Lake, the road on both sides by the sight of the edge of the forest, but at this moment I am no longer as previously, as again moan and groan, but carefully to appreciate the scenery along the way. I thought: the beauty of West Lake, they set off, it is Guanggansiling ".
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