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, I am important

Posted Sep 19 2012 3:27am
Respect others, also will be affected by the respect of others. Just as the standing in front of a mirror, you anger he also anger, you laugh he also smiled.
A teacher in New York decided to tell peuterey abbigliamento  her teaching students, how they are important, to show their approval.
She decided to use I advocate a kind of practice, which is also called by the students to the platform, and then tell you this classmate to the whole class and the importance of her, give each a blue ribbon, top with golden word write: "I is important."
After the teacher wants to do a class research plan, to see such action for a community can cause what kind of impact. She gave each of the students three ribbon pin, teach them out to others the same thank ceremony, and then the result of observation, a week after report back to class.
Class a boy to a nearby company to find a young director, because he once instructed him to complete life planning.
The boy will be a blue ribbon don't in his shirt, and then gave the two pins, then explained, "we're doing a study, we must go out the blue ribbon to thank the respect people, give you extra pin, let them can also to others on the same thank ceremony. Next time please tell me, so do the result of."
After a few days, the young director to see his boss. In some perspective, his boss is a irritability, not easy to get along with colleagues, but extremely rich talent, he told the boss said very admire his creative talent, the boss listened to very surprised.
The young director and then ask him to accept the blue ribbon, and allow him to help him don't go. A face of surprised boss was quick to promise.
The young man will ribbon don't in the boss coat, heart is the location of the above, and the remnant of the pin to him, and asked him: "if you can give me a hand? This ribbon also gave you thank people. This is a boys sent me, he is going to carry out a research. We want to let this thank ceremony, continue to see you will produce what kind of effect."
That night, the boss came home to sit 14 year old son side, tell him: "today there was a supernatural. In the office, and there is a young colleagues told me, he very admire my create talents, also give me a blue ribbon. Think about it, he thought that I create talent so worthy of respect, even will be printed with" I very important "ribbon don't in my jacket, also many send me a pin, let me thank you can give yourself respectable, when I drive home tonight, they began to think about the pin to who? I thought of you, you are the one I want to thank people.
"These days, I returned home and not spend a lot of energy to take care of you, with you, 
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