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How To Write An Effective Mailshot? - NaggingHose

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:01am

But, if you get them wrong, then they will end up in junk mail, and your money is definitely wasted.

Sending out a mailshot is not difficult, provided you follow up some easy to understand basic guidelines We have summarized them in four essential steps mentioned below:Step 1: Plan your approach wiselyYou should know your objectives which you want to achieve through your mailshot.

They can be to sell a product, or to generate sales leads, or you may want to launch a new product, or test some marketing ideas You may even want to enhance some of your services to existing customers by providing them with up-to-date information.

Step 2: Identify your readers correctlyYou must identify your target, so that you know which sort of approach will work best When evaluating your target readers, you should know some information about them, in order to evaluate them before targeting.

Like, what kind of prior knowledge they already have about your product Why do they need your offering in the first place What else they would like to know about your product Do they have any likely objectionsStep 3: Choosing the right templateWhen sending out mailshots via email, you should always be concerned about the template you are going to use for it. Though email is instant, efficient and almost free, however you should know that at the recipient end there might be some restrictions, like no HTML support, image cant be shown, no embed option, etc.Step 4: The WritingThe first step in writing is to write a brief. This part consists of the famous five Ws.
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