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How to Meditate for Beginners - Nike Lebron 9

Posted Jul 18 2012 6:14am

Get a meditation chimer or bell that you can ring to begin and end your meditations with Nike Air Flightposite 2. Or, use your watch or alarm clock to time your meditations.

I recommend 20 minutes of meditation at a time Nike Zoom Kobe 6. In the beginning you may start with 5 or 10 minutes and that is fine.

You can work up to 20 minutes over time Nike Air Foamposite Womens.Recommended times to meditate are in the morning and evening.

I like the mornings because I get to feel the benefits of meditation throughout my day afterwards Nike Zoom Rookie Womens. But evenings are a good time as well.

Meditating before bed can help you sleep well.Just sit! Sit in your chair with your spine erect but relaxed. Gently close your eyes and enjoy turning your attention within.Take a deep breath, inhaling fully and slowly, then exhale completely. Use your abdomen to squeeze out a full exhale. Then relax your belly and feel a rush of air and energy come into you on the inhale. Hold the breath after a full inhale for a moment before exhaling slowly and completely. One inhale, holding, and exhaling is considered a breath cycle.Feel the energy your breath brings to your body. You are exchanging energy with the world and with others. You are bringing in fresh, new life-giving energy on the inhale and letting go of the old on the exhale. Receiving and giving. Your breath carries the life force. You are revitalizing yourself with each breath. Continue with these breath cycles for the allotted time.After your timer goes off then return to normal breathing.
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