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How to Keep Your Uggs in Good

Posted Nov 15 2012 8:17am
How to Keep Your Uggs in Good Shape 1. Spray them with water and stain repellent. This way if water does get on them, it will roll away and won't soak into the uggs on sale. Make sure to spray them again every couple of weeks, or when water gets on them. 2.Let them dry for a couple of hours before wearing to ensure the repellent gets into the ugg boots on sale. 3. Brush the suede/sheepskin with a soft brush to brush out any marks. I use a toothbrush and only brush way. 4. When not in use, I stuff the inside with newspapers. The newspaper absorbs the smell, and also helps keep the shape of the clearance womans ugg boots. 5. If the insoles of your Uggs start smelling, try sprinkling baking soda or baby powder. This will neutralize the smell. If that doesn't work you can wash or replace the insoles.6. If a stain gets on them, wet the ugg boots bailey triplet clearance and apply one part conditioner and one part water(mixed). Rub in then dry off.
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