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How to Judge the Carrier Roller of Belt Conveyor

Posted Nov 15 2012 12:42am

The carrier roller is a very important component to support the weight of the belt of the belt conveyor and the materials on the belt conveyor, which accounts for 35% of the total cost of a machine and withstand more than 70% resistance. As a result, the quality of the carrier roller is particularly important. We can judge the quality of the carrier roller of the belt conveyor from the three aspects, namely, the radial play eccentricity, flexibility ratio of the roller and the axial movement. The experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will detailed analyze the three aspects in the following paragraphs.
First, in terms of the flexibility of the carrier roller, in the running process of the carrier roller, the flexibility is very important. If roller has poor flexibility, the whole conveyor have to pay a greater power when the coefficient of the rotary resistant is high, which will consume more power. Sometimes, the tape may be torn and the motor may be burned. Seriously, fire disaster may be caused. As a result, select the carrier roller with low coefficient of the rotary resistant is the important content for the design and selection of the belt conveyor.
Second, in terms of the radial play eccentricity, the carrier roller can ensure the stable operation of the belt conveyor when the carrier roller is in the specified range. Otherwise, the resonance beating of the tape of the belt conveyor will occur, which will cause the scatter of the materials and the environment will be polluted. When the speed of the belt is high, the benefit of the small radial eccentricity is very obvious. China's national standard for the radial play eccentricity is 0.7 mm, while the Japan’s standard radial play eccentricity is 0.5mm.
Third, in terms of the axial movement of the carrier roller, at present, the manufacturing technology of the domestic belt conveyor becomes more and more advanced. However, the axial movement is still an important topic which needs further study. Since the too large axial movement of the carrier roller will cause early damage, the axial movement had better be controlled between 0.5mm to 0.7mm.

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