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Home-based carbon black industry have got ushered in a trend of " Native indian summer"

Posted Mar 07 2013 2:22am
Allocated as the financial disaster, economic healing becomes clearer, carbon dioxide black industry, in addition, it ushered in another wave regarding "Indian summer. inches Industry analysts believe the particular crisis will be as soon as the carbon black market has increased gross perimeter, profitability increased progressively, these positive elements have implications for detailed companies within the market a black cat stock shares of stock shares and also a sharp rise in Haeinsa. Because the current domestic market share in the next carbon black market, the most lucrative chemical Lone Star Feb . 26 this year also will be prosperous, I believe that will in the future, the particular Lone Star Chemical should be able to supply investors in the money markets to look forward to bringing the benefit. RELEVANT ARTICLES
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Lone Superstar Chemical carbon black generation capacity of a hundred and eighty, 000 tons just last year, operating revenue of 968 thousand yuan, in '08 the market share regarding 8. 28% carbon dioxide black, the general size of the next row on the market. But the profitability in the company includes a leading position on the market, profit margins higher than a average 7-9 portion points higher than dark-colored shares of listed organizations 5-7 percentage points with a distinct advantage inside gross margin in. Lone Star Substance Industry-leading profitability from your company owned by the series of positive aspects, these advantages mostly are inside:
1st, significant scale positive aspects. Lone Star Substance is ranked second inside the domestic industry's major manufacturers of carbon dark-colored, mature production technological innovation and large scale regarding production. Because the tire market, international and attention enhancement of the home-based production of carbon dark-colored businesses only have a specific scale to experience around the stability of kinds of carbon black regarding tire supplier. Numerous small , medium enterprises regarding producing small , inconsistent quality, low done product is to be able to improve the status, most manufacturers are deprived of the total production line for that downstream potential. Coupled with variations in raw material rates lately, carbon dioxide black business income and cost handle led to a extreme test, many home-based small and medium businesses to stop production as a result of financial strand arrives, and Lone Superstar as a home-based large-scale chemical enterprise to be able to seize the emergences of carbon dark-colored opportunity to further broaden production capacity and level advantages become more well known.
Next, the most preparing location. Company is situated in Xingtai Metropolis, Hebei Domain, near the abundant coal resources, and also raw material suppliers to be able to Xingtai, Handan generally coking enterprises, inventory of tiny radius, the transfer costs are reduce; company nearby the highway distance, the traffic is quite convenient, can save transport costs carbon dioxide black products can guarantee timely shipping and delivery.
3 rd, the industry major technological advantage. The business now has the full set of twelve-monthly output 45, 000 plenty of new carbon dark-colored production plant technological innovation, on the part of China's existing carbon black production vegetable in the advanced stage; the company's generation process with DCS Handle system to ensure standard and stable product top quality, These control devices are all pieces of continuous improvement from the company to further improve the conclusion, in the very same industry leading stage; company yes the sole domestic company using a tar centrifuges within the manufacturing brand of enterprise, successfully reduces the raw substance An individual Chengben.
Next, the comprehensive by using resources. Business} building expertise in h2o treatment systems and products, in the production of carbon dioxide black water treatment method so that all make use of treated water, the particular effective cost of h2o savings; and organizations use carbon black generation process of a great deal of exhaust gasoline both for power creation solve environmental difficulties, but also minimize production costs, and after this generating product Liang not only fulfills the Very long Xing Hua Tantán Dian Li Suoxuquanbu while their generation, Erju some strength outside the house Shou, Neng create certain economical 收益, which brought up the company An individual Li market competitiveness and also business ability to withstand risks.
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