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He has to follow the track of his own

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:52am
Aerbin hoped that accompanied the acquisition success took ownership of the original success players of the Club, but the Chinese Football Association FIFA and this Association based on provisions that, so long as success because the operation does not lead to dissolution or bankruptcy of the Club, its former supra society uk players would have become a free agent. It is understood that aerbin Li Ming, General Manager of the Club recently arrived in Chongqing yongchuan, where warlord qualified for the Chinese Football Association Vice President Yu Hongchen further communication, but it cannot change the FA "are required to do" attitude.

He has to follow the track of his own to run, I respect his choice, that choice is also a kind of helpless, this situation to Beijing, he is buried in the heart of the life, can only wish he grasp myself in a new environment, playing themselves, recognized by the fans in Shanghai, Beijing, fans can get more of his continued attention and continued support.

Gelon was scheduled at the end of last week will be back, but he postponed back. Guoan players understand, who are willing to take a few days off. Remains of some accidents are, Pacheco appointed national security in the age required to report foreign aid Fran?ois returned to the team the day before yesterday.

So, if the book is aerbin or success will be a great loss, there is a message success may choose not to exit, continue to participate in the Super League next year. To address this issue, 7 sectors also focused on today: Dalian shide in January 15 access supra skytop iii sale to materials, but according to the possession of the Football Association, many conditions for success Club have been unable to target, which includes financial audit this, which is why financial group personnel are invited to attend the meeting, while Chinese Football Association did not allow Dalian shide continued to managed.
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