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Gucci Outlet is ndustry and commerce and Drug

Posted Jan 14 2013 6:18am
December 25, 2012, the reporter learned from health (600380. SH) internal, since the waste oil in August 2012 incident involved a wholly-owned subsidiary of of Jiaozuo health element never suspend production for rectification has been normal production. September 1, 2012, Jiaozuo city government announced, the the four investigation team organization by the quality supervision, iAdministration and Gucci Outlet other departments stationed the Jiaozuo Joincare investigate, "Preliminary findings municipal government announcement soon way open. " December 25, until early December Reporters consultation with the progress of the investigation, the Director of the Office of Jiaozuo Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau confirmed to reporters: "The investigation is indeed carried over, but the conclusions unified release by the municipal government. " Jiaozuo city government is responsible for industrial enterprises. " Division II, "also said: " The survey results are already submitted to the higher authorities. " But up to the correspondents of press time, the from waste oil case, the public has been full in April, Jiaozuo City, has yet to make a preliminary finding. Jiaozuo City Gucci Outlet Online insider said: "Not only Jiaozuo no conclusions, other people involved in Shandong and other places, the government did not make conclusions. " The protagonist of "waste oil pharmaceutical of Jiaozuo health element seems to have dodged a bullet. The Jiaozuo Joincare using enzymatic production of antibiotics intermediates 7-ACA. Soybean oil is the production of 7-ACA in bacterial fermentation medium, the bacteria in the soybean oil to obtain nutrients, generating cephalosporin further generate the 7-ACA. Therefore, in the production process, Jiaozuo health the yuan needed a lot of soybean oil. August 28, 2012, the country's first waste oil case hearing, the public was first discovered from the file the Jiaozuo health yuan from December 2009 to start procurement of soybean Gucci Outlet Store Online oil mixed with waste oil production, a total of 16, 200 tons of the purchase quantity, the total amount of 145 million yuan. Chairman of Joincare, Zhu Baoguo afterwards repeatedly stressed that the company produces chemical raw materials, the country did not require chemical raw materials can not be used waste oil production, and the company has been dismissed in August 2011 arising from either the Purchasing Director ". Phantom of the waste oil does not therefore eliminated. The Jiaozuo health yuan 7-ACA production 20% supplied to the same control by Zhu Baoguo Livzon Group (000513. SZ) production ceftriaxone, another 80% of exports. Downstream antibiotic products whether such contamination, there has been no answer. Health yuan insider said: "This is the company a lot of pressure, can dilute try to play down. " Strangely enough, was "very great importance" to strive to "the first time to the public, " Jiaozuo Municipal municipal government joint investigation team, and now there is Gucci Outlet Handbags no sound. Quality Supervision and Drug Administration, the municipal government, Division II and other departments only to indicate the completion of the investigation, As for the results, how to deal with someone's business, but are tight-lipped. In fact, the state Food and Drug Administration as early as August 31 set the tone, made it clear that, in the notice "the adulterated behavior of any antibiotic drugs production processes are reprehensible and responsibility.
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