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Gucci Outlet blind are holding frank attitude

Posted Dec 29 2012 5:56am
Recently, Wuhan girl children and the blind date the first meeting, the person asked her to produce their identity cards, single certificate, work permit, so that the children are very silent, been many users Tucao. Children this year, 24-year-old, engaged in financial work, two weeks ago, she met on a blind date online Gucci Outlet small peak (#( #(#( a pseudonym )#)# )#) in the financial industry. The two Shangqie chat, we about to meet in a Western restaurant. After the day the two meet each other impression are pretty good, just to sit down and exchanged greetings with the two small peaks opening said: "Everybody blind are holding frank attitude, but light say no,   single certificate, work permits for these documents? "children hear froze for a moment, asked: you took it?" small peak seems to "come prepared", said: "I am certain company partner, if we come to that step, you can go to my company point of view. " The small peak then let the children is very offensive, "seems to be showing off their own, children politely laughed and did not say anything, eat cold field. After Gucci Outlet Online dinner, a small peak take the initiative to pay the bill, they walk to the light rail station ride together, the way a small peak asked the children "marriage really Haozhaogongzuo I like career girl" a series of questions. Children feel himself does not seem to the other Italian type, and two of their home and then no contact. For small peak demands, the majority of Internet users feel a little ridiculous. ] "Along the way, so we embrace each other, using their own pace, recording the bits and pieces of life ......" Yesterday, a friends known as the "conspicuous posts glasses Gucci Outlet Store Online brother own network suitor combat posts record more than 1,000 users sharing glasses man "to marry him the joy of success. Yesterday, the reporter contacted glasses Brother "Mr. Chen, he introduced understanding, he and his girlfriend Miss Tian network on June 17, 2012 meeting and found that two people have a lot of similarities, in love and it feels like many years an old friend. Two people met their own very hard to take care of Miss Tian. They usually like to do with coffee, a variety of Chinese and Western food, brewing cocktail, feeling very warm and cozy. Both love photography, singing, billiards. Free time they often like stroll Chibian the Wuhan snack food, and travel together to enjoy their leisure time. Mr. Chen also revealed Gucci Outlet Handbags that the feelings of the two has not been easy, because they are not "high rich handsome woman home once opposed, but he has been practical action to prove the future of the two will be very happy. Chen revealed that he wanted to give Miss Tian recorded a romantic special "courtship", so take the time to edit two photos, making a romantic photo stories set hair on microblogging users forwarding blessing, just two hours, the microblogging forwarding 100, Miss Tian very moved by Mr. Chen agreed to marry. Mr. Chen to marry him experience hair to share with friends on the posts, users have a message to give their sincere blessing.
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