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group of long-suppressed feeding new balance 574 sale wolf suddenly

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:29am
"One second, two seconds, one second" bell - ringtones classmates already heard Ma W, but at this particular moment, this ringtone such as ChongFengHao, has long been ready for students all like an arrow like straight 100 meters sprint speed the canteen, muscle intestinal rumbling like a group of long-suppressed feeding new balance 574 sale wolf suddenly see prey, like, wherever he went, all dusty, wind Xiao Xiao.The canteen scene is spectacular not expressed. Saw the head save save, a dark mass, in three layers, the outer layer, reminiscent of Han's "triple gate", that the scene can be described as the "law of the jungle" rhyme intended expressed most vividly.

Then look closely, the hunger of the students like turns out to be comparable with the African refugees. Tiptoe the drill hole of the people of Han Zhang Shi fat strong pressure on people ...... but in any case, they all are looking to the the, Staring spells TV drama meals, said when fast, then slow, careless that delights others foregone conclusion. If, in the winter, and perhaps a few tall girls dare assessed by boys. One hot summer day, we all sweat sticky, girls who would dare braved the danger of new balance 1400 sale sweat smoked dead to fight a meal? Known as the "manly" It is because of this the Shili fragrance sweat - the girls, the girls had to take a back seat, so before 12:00 canteen always boys dominated.If students Dafan scene said people can not Christine Wei then dinner of like even more dumbfounding the.
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