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"Good" Morning!

Posted May 13 2005 12:00am

The words good morning are spoken all over every day. But in our house when my husband asks how the morning went, it is something spectacular when I say it was a "good morning."

A good morning means that everyone can find their jacket, clothes, backpacks, socks, shoes (and that's in the springtime)
A good morning means that nobody screamed, nobody hit anybody, nobody called me a name, nobody had a meltdown.
A good morning means that nobody lied about brushing their teeth or combing their hair or taking a shower.
A good morning means that everyone nicely told me good-bye, even with some hugs and a kiss or two.

Maybe there are families out there that have many good mornings, but we're not one of them.

I needed a good morning this morning as we are dealing with the disappointment of having one of our children betray our trust. It was a shock -- which I suppose it shouldn't be -- becuase we really believed in him and trusted him. So emotions have been running high (as have been my blood sugars because of the stress) and we've had late night discussions, lack of sleep, etc.

Sometimes I think that God looks down and says, "Those people need a break."

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