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get on to the Qingyuan cheap supra footwear coach go from Beijing bumps

Posted Jan 19 2013 5:58am
Out of the talent market, I immediately decided since come to Beijing, since it is not a good job, then do not leave their own regret, at least to leave their own footprints in Beijing, began his trip to Beijing. In a certain afternoon, I came to Zhongshan Park, came to Holy Tiananmen, again came to Beijing Zoo one day, he took to play over and over, but his mind is no longer do it Lost gradually bit enrich! Qingyuan, a small city, beautiful scenery, rich natural resources, full of rustic flavor of the city! Finally over 20-hour drive to where ever dream of getting rich, Guangzhou, and interchange to seek refuge cousin, get on to the Qingyuan cheap supra footwear coach go from Beijing bumps along the way, led me to fall asleep on the bus, the original under the high-speed I should get off, but fell asleep I set out to the the total bus station, desperation to find a good cousin to the terminus pick me!

Finally arrive in the evening, arriving in a new place, and I is not like just arrived in Beijing as shy! Ka Fuk Industrial Park, and settled down in the the Qingyuan silver light industrial area, the 15th go cousin where plant interview by finally work the Qingyuan branch electronics factory in Huizhou Xiong Yu. First came to the factory day out apartments rented for employees, a dormitory 4 people (we actually nike blazer high dormitory on my cousin and a fellow, is a place of) the company pays well.I remember first came to the factory the day, may be his younger, I asked the woman cry sister, are young men cry brother (electronic factory), so good interpersonal, can be said for me paved the way for the future. Manager may be the first contact with the machine, full of curiosity, Finally took aim at the factory, one day a girl, because we are a third-party provider, and they belong to a company to do this every day I went to this girl.
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