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Germany Matthias Sammer

Posted Jan 23 2013 8:52am
Germany Matthias Sammer and his sceptical about the possibility of cooperation in the media. Matthias Sammer has thought of their football, will inevitably occur between supra society uk  two ideas. Nevertheless when Matthias Sammer served as technical director of the Football Association, analysed in detail Spain football when his evaluation of Josep Guardiola is "very good".
Relationship with the players is also critical. When Josep Guardiola was in Barca and Messi, niesita, Harvey's cooperation, shows the capacity for managing star, but he would not relent sent off Ronaldinho, Eto'o and Decaux stars. In other clubs, if the player dissatisfaction with the coach, players will be sent away, but Bayern are on the contrary, players often determine the fate of coach.
Even worse is that they will usher in a new season for the first time this week, "final": King's Cup away game against Malaga, home 2:2 win was more dangerous by their road trip, coach Vilanova is destined to not present accompany the player – he had an appointment for a period of ten days of United States lines, to receive better medical consultation. Command of training, talks and supra skytop iii sale competition this week will be handed over to the Assistant Coach Lula, that's what Barca more severely tested in the near future. Vilanova said that Barcelona has been used under the pressure of competition.
The five most recent League goal in consecutive, the last ten League into the ten-ball, the fifth of the season for Manchester United into the single first ball, the League a total of 18 balls continue to top striker list first!
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