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From high-top to low-top shoes Learn wearing shoes following Bryant

Posted Nov 22 2012 1:15am
Looked down at your feet, canvas for shoes basketball shoes, still high-top? You're OUT. Did not you watch the Western Conference finals, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash wear what shoes?

NBA Western Conference finals, the two super idol Kobe Bryant and Nash took up most of the scenes, canvas shoes and also of course carries with it "product placement" --- endorsements for shoes. They are malicious role by speed. Bryant into NBA 14years always wore high-top sneakers, and last season he enabled manufacturers to produce his low-top shoes to increase footsteps mobility.

When Kobe Bryant put on low-top Bobe 4, his teammates began to follow suit. Brown, Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, Powell, why do they wear low-top?

NBA team staff and shoes manufacturers said that eight years ago, NBA was high-top shoes world. A staff of nearly 30 years working in the Knight said, in the end of the 80s of the last century, at least 80% of the players choose high-top sports shoes, now most of the players are wearing  the low-top.

Focus on safety? Past. "Marshall Cohen, a researcher of the U.S. market firm NPD Group gives new" shoes definition: "all the way for fashion."

In the NBA now, is no longer wearing 17 generation high-top shoes Jordan era --- shoes culture source is Jordan cross 1985 wearing red and white high-top Jordan generation. "Before that, the NBA almost only static white Converse basic models, Jordan assertive performance for double assertive shoes given personality, fashion since only follow the star to wear shoes.
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