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Fat die each year 280 million,

Posted Feb 28 2012 8:59am
 ten fat nine complications Japanese women circles, long-term circulating this statement: fat, before the 10-year-old is cute, the poor after the age of 20, after 30 years of age is terrible! However, a recent survey found that Japanese fat also showed a surge in the trend, 10 people in three overweight.HeavyThis half-day clinic, you look to see is full of fat. "Reporter found that the out-patient with the experts from different fields: those who were heavier, ten, nine is not coronary heart disease, diabetes. World Health Organization warned that every year at least 2.8 million adults died of overweight or obese.ExampleRenowned cardiovascular disease expert Professor Hu Dayi fat. He stands 1.78 m, weight should be between 63 and 79 kg, and 2000, however, its weight was 92 kg. Wearing a pedometer more than 10 years, every day one step. Now he remains the "gold standard" of about 75 kg.ProblemThe dieters public, while the few winners. The experts say that only weight control as a way of life, you will not in fits and starts network, only to have no illusion that a quick fix once and for all, not only eat less and move is a kind of pain, but will regarded as a kind of enjoyment, and harvest healthy fruit.Fat, really become a problem in the world.Used to be said that the United States and more fat, fat faster later said that the Chinese people, which of course is not surprising, and now the Japanese have named the world's most thin fat up. World Health Organization (WHO) warned that overweight and obesity is the fifth largest global cause of death risk. There are at least 2.8 million people every year just to die fat.Japanese fat isJapan is known as the world's longevity first country, has always said the low rates of obesity and high longevity rate. Japanese women circles, long-term spread of such a word - fat, before the 10-year-old is cute, is poor after 20 years of age, after 30 years of age is terrible!However, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry recently announced a national health survey data show that the country's population over the age of 20 obese (BMI ≥ 25) has, refrain from male obesity rate of 30.4%, obese women also accounted for 21.1%.The future this trend may also increase because the younger generation, more violent as the representative of the age of 20 to 30-year-old female, obesity growth, 2008 is also hovering around 23 percent, less than three years, has rapidly risen to 2010 29% level.Given the continuous expansion of Japanese obese women team, the Obesity Society of Japan even consider reducing the waist standard, which will more people into the ranks of the health check.More intriguing, in all districts and counties list, ranking the first of Japan's obesity rate turned out to be the longevity of the Holy Land, Okinawa Prefecture, and the proportion of obese people as much as 45.2%. Longevity benchmark Okinawa Prefecture reason why obesity rates are so high, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said, the main U.S. military bases stationed here, caused a great impact on the local food culture. The survey found that local residents in Okinawa is a very frequent phenomenon of overeating later in the morning, barbecue, luncheon meat, fast food, American food culture has long been ingrained in the local. The lowest obesity rates, Yamaguchi Prefecture, diet is mainly fish and shellfish.Obesity rates high in Okinawa Prefecture has high prevalence of obesity in China. 2010 National Physique Monitoring communique released by the China State Sports General Administration of Chinese adults are overweight (BMI ≥ 25) was 32.1%.Rapid spread, rapid growth. The global obesity seems to be getting worse.Ten fat nine complications"This half-day, you look to see is full of fat."The end of a morning of intense outpatient, China Medical Society of Cardiology will designate a director, member of the Peking University First Hospital, director of Cardiology Professor Yong Huo finally have the leisure to take off the masks, while water side of the Times followed up the health Reporter sigh: so many patients with cardiovascular disease, and why? I see, many related to fat and about.Once overweight, the body fat accumulation, blood vessels will be the same as the pipeline rust agglomeration, and thus clogging, poor blood flow, high blood pressure to heart disease and stroke will be significantly higher.The reporter observed that both the Department of Cardiology, or Department of Endocrinology, who were heavier than people, to the doctors here, ten nine Sure sign will be able to diagnosed coronary heart disease is diabetes."Dead fat, not obesity directly lead to death, but that the obese were more likely to get sick, and thus lead to death." The first Chinese to study the problem of obesity experts, the International Life Sciences Institute of the China office of Professor Chen Chunming explain die annually fat 2.8 million people, is derived from the correlation of obesity and related diseases and these diseases mortality. "This is a statistical data, but sufficient description of obesity on health effects".Fat is not terrible, terrible obesity caused by a variety of complications.The data show that, for each additional 5 kg body weight, the risk of coronary heart disease will rise by 14%, the risk of stroke rate of 4% of ischemic stroke increased by 16%. It is these diseases for many years among the first of the country and the world countries to residents of the cause of death.Insulin resistance is one of the major cause of diabetes. Capital Medical University Chaoyang Hospital (West), Department of Endocrinology, the main Rengao Shan said, obese people are almost all associated with insulin resistance. At present, patients with diabetes has more than 90 million. Every 8 seconds a person died because of diabetes.The bones also spared. An immense burden on the ever-increasing weight to the bone and joint, accelerate the transformation and loss of articular cartilage and stimulate the formation of bone spurs, leading to the occurrence of osteoarthritis. China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wangjing Hospital director of orthopedics Wen Jianmin professor often to obese patients to see a doctor prescription free drugs, that is to lose weight.Cancer and obesity are closely related. Almost each type of cancer and overweight have a certain relevance, although the existing research is not yet explained whether obesity causes cancer and how to cause cancer, but it is certain that obesity increases the risk of tumors, especially endometrial, breast associated tumors and colon.Childhood obesity will not only make it adulthood obesity, premature deaths and disabilities appear more likely to also experience difficulty in breathing, fracture risk increased, the early signs of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and psychological impact. Monster Beats Pro blanc et rouge casque
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