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Fantasy hero: Sure, Eli Manning will go for over 20 fantasy points, but a big day

Posted Dec 10 2011 9:59am
Fantasy hero: Sure, Eli Manning will go for over 20 fantasy points, but a big day from Jason Witten is in the cards as well -- he's in double digits.QUESTIONS: Texans-Bengals AND Saints-Titans. Yes, a special 2-for-1 deal here. It's Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Free Friday all rolled into one. We know the deal with the visiting teams. No matter who plays QB for the Texans, they've found a way. I can't tell you how impressed I was with their victory over the Falcons. More and more I'm thinking it'll be Houston-New England in the Aaron Rodgers jerseys AFC title game. And the Saints are, well, the Saints. Plenty of points, plenty of wins. Ah, but the Bengals and the Titans are at high noon. A season of promise for Cincinnati is evaporating rapidly as the Bengals have looked awful the past few weeks. No one wants to believe in the Titans because even though CJ1K is back, they've been squeaking by. Fall to 7-6, and you're playing catch-up in the crowded AFC playoff race the rest of the season. So what happens? I think the Bengals live to fight another day by taking a close one over the Texans. " White said.The campus was quieter than usual because classes ended Wednesday. About 20,000 of the university's 30,000 students were on campus when the officer was shot. Exams, set to begin Friday, were postponed.The shooting came soon after the conclusion of a hearing where Virginia Tech was appealing a $55,000 fine by the U.S. Education Department in connection with the university's response to the 2007 rampage.The federal agency said the university violated the law by waiting more than two hours after two students were shot to death in their dorm before sending an email warning. By then, student gunman Seung-Hui Cho was chaining the doors to a classroom building where he killed 30 more people and then himself.The department said the email was too AL Harris jerseys vague because it mentioned only a "shooting incident," not the deaths. During testimony Thursday, the university's police chief, Wendell Flinchum, said there were no immediate signs in the dorm to indicate a threat to the campus. He said the shootings were believed to be an isolated domestic incident and that the shooter had fled.An administrative judge ended the hearing by asking each side to submit a brief by the end of January. It is unclear when he will rule. Cincinnati's defense is too good to fall flat at home, and that unit carries the day. The Titans also play this one surprisingly close, but Drew Brees will put too many points on the board and the Saints will play opportunistic defense and make life miserable for Matt Hasselbeck.Fantasy heroes: Cedric Benson and the Saints defense. Benson has a grind-it-out game and finds the end zone; he'll be near 15 fantasy points. The Saints get turnovers and a Defense/Special Teams TD I love Carson Palmer this week. I can't say that enough. I love him. I love that the only quarterback to not throw for at least 276 yards against Green Bay the past few weeks has been Christian Ponder. When I'm not going B.J Raji jerseys against Aaron Rodgers, I love him. I know how goodTom Brady was in 2007, but part of it was throwing it up to Randy Moss for incredibly athletic plays. Rodgers is in the zone more than any other QB I think I've ever seen -- and that includesPeyton Manning in his heyday. Rodgers' final, concise drive against the Giants on Sunday is as good a sample of quarterbacking as you'll see. lintingting/blog201111
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