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Famous footwear boots--My Precious Deep Memories at College

Posted Aug 01 2012 6:43am

Famous footwear boots  has been a requisite elements in fashion domain nowadays. No matter men, women, or kids, they all like wearing famous footwear boots, esp. In winter. famous footwear boots are both nice and warm.
I have never worn a famous footwear boots until when i was in college. I find that people at college, no matter man, women, students or teachers. I feel that if i don't buy a famous footwear boots, i would not be kind to myself! And they must think that i am not as the same type of person with them.
So i bought a pair of famous footwear boots, i feel so excited since i have never own them before. After i wear it, i feel myself more beautiful and smart. I thought that my pair of famous footwear boots will make the boys falling love with me, because i am wearing such a pair of marvellous famous footwear boots. All these thoughts seems very funny when i am looking back now.
But the memories that Famous footwear boots  has left me will never fade away. I will always remember the first pair of shoes i own. Once i see famous footwear boots, it would remind me of my beautiful days and best times then.
Now i still wear famous footwear boots, I like collecting them, some famous footwear boots I keep them in the cabinet though i do not wear them. I just want their accompany, i think that these are invaluable treasure for me, spiritual wealth that owning to me myself only.

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