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failed to strangled the

Posted Jan 11 2013 6:07am
hornets attack engine, in James haddon by take strict precautions against, the rocket attack is disorder, a half percentage was less than 40%. Were it not for the hornets waste of opportunity, the game may be another a scene. The more and the referee also come to join in the fun. Cheap Lebron 8 Just before half-time 25 seconds, LinShuHao layup, robin - lopez defending, squeezed, the referee was sentenced to LinShuHao offensive foul. See this, LinShuHao also very discontent, then game also once so interrupt. To see from slow play, lopez not only in defensive steps when in motion, and stepped on the paint line, and the ball is for the miscarriage of justice. But for the lakers and yesterday, in the third quarter LinShuHao performance recovery, not only send out three assists, and nine points in 19 seconds also tackling Eric Gordon, a dragon layup hit. 5 minutes and seconds, Cheap Lebron 8 V2 he gave the mill - made o give wonderful brain pass. In his leading, although gas high-graded this single section also scored 7 points 6 assists (after three is two double), the rockets still led by as many as 10 points into minor details. But who also didn't expect, minor details in Roger - mason outbreak (single section 15 points), but the hornets played a wave flow reversal, and finally win. Three times this season and the hornets counterwork, the rockets are more and more difficult, in the near future, the opponent performance loss is not strange, but the rockets itself remains to be done, and LinShuHao shooting feel not beautiful, mistakes have 5 times, Cheap Lebron 8 V2 and three games against the hornets were not score in double figures. Even if this is the season of planting a small fall, still should take warning. Just finished in the NBA [micro bo] during the regular season, the Houston rockets on the road to a 79-88 loss to the New Orleans hornets, over five winning streak. The rockets commanding general James haddon for forty minutes, and shot nine of had 25 points and rebounds, three assists and steals, the former three performance is good, the last section weakness. As is known to all, the rockets could play in this season so sharp record, rely on is the first day of the attack. But the hornets rhythm slow, but to offensive rebounds grasp of ability is good, so the rockets against the hornets, also always appears some trouble. Penny Hardaway Shoes The game is so. The rockets in the first quarter had 22 points and is normal, but only in the second quarter had 14 points, half finished both 36-34, it is almost in the past the single section score. In this case, in the first quarter with nine points haddon became the savior.In the first quarter in the process for, have free throw three points in the first three quarters of the haddon clueless. Although feel generally, but haddon elegant breakthrough is still the hornets can't contain weapons. In
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