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Facing the strong rivals

Posted Mar 18 2013 7:41am
Facing the strong rivals, said Jiang Xingquan, Liao basket do not losing, also have an advantage is in so many ways. "With the Guangdong team in Liaoning can spell, if Yi joined National Games team, on their inner strength is very strong, and we mens nike free run 3  are also working with Guangdong on the strike a certain gap. How to win is wisdom. Jiang Xingquan, learn to make use of the outside line, Liaoning will go farther.
The fourth section is just beginning, Li Jingyu face Marbury's defense, in the fantasy footsteps under the basket, shake open defense easily get a score of 2. This match, Li Jingyu breakthroughs and drop to the Beijing team made a lot of trouble, even Beijing's narrator also mentioned more than once, he is the Shandong team to play the best players.   ”
It happened in the second quarter and the game had just started not long, in an attack in sudden blast on the whistle of referee interrupted the game, people don't know what happened at that time. Just saw Yi to go under, then found his qiuku picking up on an datan blood. Back on the bench, team doctor immediately as he wound treatment, when people see, the index and middle fingers of the right hand junction opened a large hole.
Macros are far away from nike free run 1 mens home after winning the team repeatedly reminded not to relax, but second and third teams play very bad. Yi Jianlian said: "the first half defensive most of the time are very loose, start very simply, defence will not be a good rotation, is a gambling game with Xinjiang, any ball could be thrown into them, let them open. Old just said two words, the end of the interview. His feelings of dissatisfaction with the ready. But it's a hard victory for Guangdong,, nor is it a bad thing. Though they also rediscovered their defensive intensity in the past, but stability needs to be improved.
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