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Experience a Haunted Niagara Falls Tour with (TTC)

Posted Aug 28 2013 12:50pm

Niagara is home to plenty of fascinating experiences including world class valley wine country, quaint rolling vineyards, elderly world charm in Niagara on the Lake, the engineering marvel of the Welland Canal, & naturally Niagara Falls. Still plenty of select to come to Niagara to explore the dark history of the war of 1812, & the paranormal activity that still haunts some parts of Niagara. In the event you can fearless it, get the full taste of this spooky past by exploring a seasonally organized haunted Niagara Falls Day Tour.

According to local legend, the restless spirits of some soldiers who died in the work of the war of 1812 are still residing in the area. It is true that Niagara on the Lake was burnt to the ground by the Americans while retreating; however the dead were buried around the city, & lots of homes & structures were built on the original foundations. Fort George one time left in shambles, had been refurbished as a historical site for Canada, where lots of ghost tours occur seasonally. Beyond the battle grounds, there's lots of famous & widely known sightings including Captain Swayze of the Angel Inn, & the "woman in white" often seen running through the gazebo by the water's edge. Even wounded soldier sighting & medical soldiers are also reported as sightings in the area.

You might think that haunted venues would actually detract people from coming to an area. In some cases, it is the opposite. Some have a Niagara Falls Day Tour that is setup for tourists who need to explore the paranormal through the night. Inns, Hotels, and Bed & Breakfast accommodations will post records of encounters and historical facts of their inhabitants on their sites for the public. They use intrigue and curiosity to round up flocks of tourists who need to check the tales firsthand. People will even pay a premium for rooms that may be haunted and rooms are usually booked up in advance.

On nights May through September the Lantern lit Ghost Walk Tour of Niagara on the Lake begins. It begins at the Angel Inn & moves through the town to haunted hotspots while telling chilling tales. The guides are appropriately dressed up for the occasion & make for great story tellers. Expect these tours to head out rain or shine, as even thunderstorms suite the atmosphere for this spooky walk. Tours start at 8:30pm, & last about 90 minutes. You'll also require buying your tickets in advance as they don't offer them at the door.

At Fort George, they offer ghost tours to what they refer to as the 'Friends of Fort George'. These Canada tour days vary depending on the season and you ought to check online for obtainable dates before arriving. Often called the most haunted place in the most haunted town in Canada, plenty of ghostly figures have been sighted here. In addition to this, Fort Niagara across the river in the US, also offers ghost tours of its facilities for those brave. Equal to Fort George, Fort Niagara has seen its fair share of paranormal activity, and continues to frighten guests through the year.

It's true, plenty of people find ghostly exploration stressful or scary to enjoy. But in case you find it enticing, this is the place to see & experience it all. In addition to a haunted Niagara Falls Tour you could also include haunted Niagara Falls accommodations to keep the mysteries happening all through the night. Enjoy...


Brad Hoffman is the owner of the Niagara Falls Source, & thrives on teaching others how to experience the high life of Niagara Falls without breaking the bank! For more information on the professionals & cons of a Niagara Falls Tour & Tour to Canada [ ] visit our site which contains valuable information on how find the hot spots & hidden gems most tourists would not even know exist!


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