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everything is OK

Posted Sep 14 2012 4:20am
mulberry outlet The bridge in consciousness that joins the real world with the imaginary one is a representation of this energy; thus this relates to the ability to inspire one to build bridges of consciousness from one person to another. On the reverse side, there can be a feeling that one's energy is being sucked away or drained from them. Medically, this can cause tooth decay, which relates to a lack of lasting structures in one's life. There can be employment challenges due to a damaged reputation caused by someone usurping one's energy by talking about them on the job. There can also be leaks of energy in the auric field caused by someone assailing one's character and this energy relates to the desertion of the father from the family, thus leaving them to fend for themselves. One can transmute and change their environment though the connections made now. People with this may want to change the face they show to the world; thus this is a great time to have a facelift or to drastically change one's appearance. This relates to endings, thus ending a relationship and/or marriage is a possibility due to a feeling of being controlled and/or under the power of someone else. This also denotes transitions that can be for the self or those closest to you. Many adoptions take place when this energy is activated. The act of seduction is a manifestation of this energy; thus it gives the ability to seduce and to allure since there is such a strong magnetism about one's personality. It represents the gucci outlet menses; or it could be the beginning and/or ending cycle of the menses. This also gives the desire to marry and/or it can be the ending process louis vuitton outlet in a partnership. This helps one to attain their long-term goals and reach the top of their field. There is a lot of struggle along the way which helps to train one for a future position in life. One may have managerial and/organizational abilities due to one's ability to focus on a single action or topic. Their can be an ending to one career and beginning another. This represents the dominant father who rules the family like a boot camp, which later in life could potentially effect the father's health and/or grandfather's health. This relates to the passing of the patriarch in the family, or the transition of the energy being passed to their successors or progeny. Medically there is a tendency to end the matter or take it out surgically and this also affects the reproductive system. Transformation of the environment through one's ability to intuit the future is a manifestation of this energy. One has the capacity to be a psychic surgeon and/or healer christian louboutin sale who can bridge one's consciousness to heal others. On the reverse side, one can wield power and manipulate their environment; thus using their personality to get what they want from others. Medically this rules eliminations and toxicity within the body. This is usually a time of great career success, as well as the opportunity to advance because of hard, steady work finally paying off. This is usually a person who finds happiness in their work, eventually leading to financial success due to being popular and well liked. People like the way one thinks. Many times there could be a grandparent who is successful and leaves an christian louboutin outlet inheritance for their progeny. There could also be meeting a mate who is very influential on a professional level. The desire to become an electrician, pilot, working with an airline or having interest in high-tech industries is present with this. One usually seeks a job with little or no christian louboutin uk structure regarding time; there is a desire to have more of a sense of personal freedom. One has the ability to be inspirational as a public speaker. There may be many sudden changes in the identity as a result of career opportunities. This also relates to a person who is known for being a master at what they do, making them sought after for their skill and abilities. Many times this denotes a life-changing event that brings on whole new set of circumstances to deal with. There is great influence over the ideals of others as well as having the ability to expand the consciousness of others through communications on a very conscious level. One has the potential for writing skills, being published, becoming a publisher, a novelist, public speaker, orator, storyteller, or just having the gift of gab. There may also be good news in business, through hearing about career advancement and/or raises in salary. By Free Horoscope Horoscope cheap uggs
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